Lauren Kemp + Katy (Part 4)

Photographer: Starr Crow w/ Vintage Canon TLb
Model: Katy Tipton
Designer: Lauren Kemp
Art Director: Heather Canterbury & Starr Crow

Just a few more shots of Katy to show from our shoot with Lauren's collection. If I had to pick one outfit that I was most looking forward to it was this one. A cutout dress with a boater and a bike, and a basket just big enough for a furry muffin to play in. Maybe my excitement was a distraction when it came to loading the film because I certainly failed at that. My friend Heather helped me with the first set, but she took my training wheels off for this one and my lack of experience showed. Improper installation coupled with the exact opposite ISO settings required = a waste of film. I preserved my most favorites so you guys could at least see the dress; notice the criss-crossed neckline and the cutout detail at the waist. Perrrfection.

P.S. -- one more test before school's out for the semester, andddd Corey's back in Little Rock for good. Hope you're ready to see my face again.

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