Tee & Tights: Gap
Skirt: Goodwill
Cardigan: Gift from Paden
Shoes: c/o Wanted Shoes
Purse: Forever 21
Chain Headpiece: c/o Moorea Seal

My last day of school was on Thursday, and I celebrated by doing nothing but fun things all day. I started with two lunch dates, one with mom and another with a friend, though I really only went to the second one for the company. I was trying hard to be unproductive. I was supposed to meet Corey for photos, but for some reason he never showed so my pal Annie filled in his place. It was cold, but she still managed to do such a great job.

As fun as my day was, the post-finals celebrations that I had planned for that evening were the most exciting. A local etsy seller, Christie Turk from Roll & Tumble Press, brought in a guest from Portland who runs a moveable type truck. Her name is Kyle Durrie and she's been traveling all over the country in a delivery van turned letterpress studio selling her work and letting visitors come in and try it out for themselves. Etsy did a great feature with her on their blog which is definitely worthy of checking out sometime. I loved getting to make my own print and getting to see Kyle's living space, and I've decided that she pretty much has my dream job––making money on wheels.

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