2011 Christmas Wishlist

I'm really awesome at making wishlists, but really awful at getting them in an organized post. Every Christmas I make a wishlist on Kaboodle for my mom and my sister to reference, but I always forget to share them on the blog. Not this year, my friends.

My wishlist starts with the letters I used to create the words "wish". They're made of cardboard, cotton, and old maps and are available at Urban Outfitters for $12 per letter. I was trying to come up with something to spell out on my wall (something short so I could get away with buying fewer letters), but Jake convinced me that I could make them just as well. So, I guess that has moved to my DIY wishlist. 

For my real wishlist. . .
1) You bloggers are killing me with all your cute Instax photos. I've already made up my mind; if I don't get an Instax Mini for Christmas, I'm buying my own. Merry Christmas to me.

2) This rug isn't for sale, but I sure wish it were. It was made by a Navajo weaver sometime in the 20s, and I found it and fell in love with it while writing my paper last month. I've shown Jake some Pendleton blankets that I might be interested in, but none have my heart like this one.

3) I'd take a million things from Madewell, but I've been loving this pair of boots for more than a year and would seriously love to cross them off my wishlist.

4) PASSPORT! This is one thing that I know for certain I'm getting. Because I have so many brothers and sisters we all get a spending limit with our parents, and this is what I chose this year. I've never traveled outside of the country, but this summer I plan to attend a study abroad trip with the art history department. We'll be going to the Yucat√°n to study ancient Maya art and architecture, and I'm verrry excited.

5) It's my goal to learn how to play the guitar this year. I'm bummed I don't know how already! I don't want to be a rockstar or even play any live shows, I just want to be able to sit by myself and write a song if I choose to.

6) I saw this book at my friends house a few weeks ago and wasted no time flipping through the entire thing. Things are so different in Little Rock now. I would love to do a photo series where I recreate each photo just to show how drastic the changes have been.

7) A good set of watercolors is another thing that's been high on my wishlist for awhile now. I have a vision of a little sketchbook I'd like to start in 2012, and a set of Winsor & Newton watercolors would be the perfect way to kick it off.

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