Fall in Winter

Dress: Estate Sale
Shoes & Necklace: Saver's
Coat: Magpie & Birdie (via Midtown Antique Mall)
Purse: Forever 21
Ring: c/o Jewel Mint
Tights: Gap

Jake and I got a Christmas tree over the weekend! We put it up yesterday and our dog Louie instantly peed on it and our kitten Hank climbed it twice. I was hesitant to put any lights or decorations on since both pets are still so young and rambunctious, but in the end I went with lights. Just lights. I listened to She & Him's Christmas album twice and got especially glad every time I heard the Beach Boys cover!

With Christmas less than a week away it's odd to be posting colorful photos from fall, but these were left on my camera since then. I'm wearing one of my favorite estate sale dresses which I got at the beginning of the summer. The print reminds me of the serrated Saltillo-inspired designs that the Navajos used on their blankets in the 1800s. I wrote an art history paper about their weaving and the outside cultures that influenced it, and so, I can't help but think about all that stuff when I wear this dress.

I paired it with a vintage military coat, my favorite Forever 21 mini satchel, a vintage Southwestern-style necklace, a badass armor ring from Jewel Mint, and a pair of platform sandals from Saver's. I must've fallen three times in those shoes that day. I think the buckles were too loose with the tights, and my feet kept sliding out and I kept falling. I even feel in the middle of the road when a car was coming at one point! My sister laughed hysterically once she knew I was safe.

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