Hair Ramblings

Blazer, Boots, & Necklace: Forever 21
Navy Tee: Gap
Lace Skirt: c/o Francesca's
Vintage Coach Purse: Goodwill

I wish I were better about scheduling bimonthly hair trims. I've been trying to grow out my curly locks for the longest time, but without frequent haircuts, nothing ever seems to happen. Instead my curls grow limp and lifeless and eventually begin to forget that they were ever curls to begin with. I'm trying to change that.

In the last year my sister has gone from having long, straight hair, to having mullets and mohawks and asymmetrical statement cuts every other month. She's always doing something new, whether it has to do with changing the color (she dyed it pink the day after we took those photos in the park) or the cut. I got in on one of her hair appointments the other day (which was at her house and way less intimidating than trips to the salon) and made a pledge to get my hairs trimmed every other month, too.

With my split ends gone and my hair in the healthy shape it's been in in months, I thought it was the right time to straighten my hair and tell you about awesome new straightener from Missiko. They've sent me a straightener in the past, but I'll admit, I like this one better because the iron is wider. With naturally curly hair, it helps to cut down on the time it takes to straighten it. I love the straightener and the protectant serum that came with it, and I'm sure when the 90 degree, humid weather has gone, my hair will respond with even less waves.

While we're on the topic of hair, I'm curious, does yours change colors from season to season? I haven't dyed mine in a couple of years, and it's evident when the color starts to naturally fade from red to brown in the winter. . .

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