RIP Monkeycat

Since Monkeycat has been such an active part of my blog photos over the past year and a half, I thought you guys should know that she died on Friday afternoon. I was composing an outfit post for the blog when Jake came running in the door to tell me that he found her lying in the middle of the road, just three doors down from our house. . .

We were heartbroken.

She was my very first cat and our first animal together, and boy were we in love. We treated her like the queen of our castle, reciting chants to Louie about how "Monketcat reigned supreme", just so he would know that she was in charge. She had the most personality I've ever seen in a pet, and she was the happiest part of our everyday lives, which is literally no exaggeration. We simply adored her. Getting on with life now that she's gone is tough. I sobbed when I first heard the news, but now the tears are limited to the random times of the day that I know she would've loved. We're trying to keep busy just to keep her off our minds, but sometimes it's difficult. I'm grateful to have so many pictures to remember her by. I'm sure we'll get another cat soon, but knowing that we'll never be able to find the exact same quirks in another pet again is what hurts my heart most right now. Hopefully time will ease our pain soon enough.

For now this post and this post and this post and this post and this post are helping me remember some of the good times we had together. But isn't it crazy what an impact our pets have on our lives?

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