Audrey II

I know things have been rather quiet around here lately, so I thought I'd at least try to entertain you with a peek at one of the side projects I've been working on:

You may remember Audrey Kelly from the photos I took at the beginning of the summer on Petit Jean Mountain (when I went to the writing conference). Well, I'm happy to announce that we've teamed up once again! I've known Audrey for a while, but while on the mountain, it was my first time meeting her mom (and band manager), Nancy Steenburgen. Her mom was sweet and really excited about Audrey's career as a musician, and lucky for me, she liked the photos I took of Audrey! She asked if I'd be willing to take more, and of course, I said yes and squealed with excitement because it was my first time taking on a paid photo gig! We plan to get together for more soon, but for now, here's my favorites from the first set.

And for a little blog business: Humongous thanks to Cellar Door Magazine for asking to interview me for their blog. I LOVE their online publication and was completely honored to even be on their radar. Thanks Cellar Door!

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