British Airways: 90 Years of Fashion

Many of you may already know, I'm an avid fan of uniforms. I like garments that are made of practical materials, efficient enough for day to day wear, tailored and timeless and flattering on any woman's silhouette. To celebrate 90 years in the sky, British Airways is launching a new tv advert (as they call them), along with another short film where they discuss the history of their uniforms. In the fashion-themed film, they explore the various designer collaborations seen over the years, as well as the effects they've had on British fashion. From the nipped and tucked waistline of the 50s, to the floral shift dresses of the 60s, all the way to pinstripe suits of today. It's fascinating! You can watch that video here.

I've also enjoyed looking through the old photographs and airline posters on their history and heritage website. You get a great sense of where fashion was just by looking at the uniforms. I've added the teaser film to their new advert below, mostly because I'm smitten with every single outfit in it. If you have time, visit their facebook page to see the official ad.

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