Photographer and Stylist: Me
Model: Audrey Dean Kelly

Audrey and I got together again to finish our photography session yesterday. I dressed her in a 30s art deco gown that I found at a yard sale for a couple of dollars years ago. It's been hanging on my wall ever since, waiting for a girl with the most petite waist to come along and squeeze into it. It worked perfectly on Audrey. It's sheer and in the most beautiful shade of blue with beads all along the bodice. I thought a gypsy headpiece would add a nice touch, but since I still don't have one, I used a necklace instead. It did the job just fine. I hope you like the photos! This set may be one of my favorites ever. If you'd like to see the rest, just visit me on flickr. And if you'd like to hear some of Audrey's music, you can find it here.

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