Beach Vacation

I forgot to mention earlier that I'm headed to the beach today! Jake and I planned a trip to visit my Mimi in Mobile, Alabama, about 8 hours from here. Since she's never met him before, I thought it would be nice to take him down there and let him meet the rest of my family, you know, prove that he really exists! When I told my mom we were going, she said that they had rented a condo in Gulf Shores the very same week. So, I kinda lucked out and got to combine my family vacation with a mini beach vacation too! I'll be back home on Thursday. Y'all have a great week while I'm away!

PS I was so worried I wouldn't be able to find a swimsuit this late in the season, but I went to Dillard's anyway and found my dream suit. Best part is, it's made by Jantzen––one of my favorite swimsuit labels in the whole world! They've been making dream suits since the 20s.

PPS I'll be taking lots of photos on instagram while I'm away, so come find me––@starrcrow!

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The Captivating Grin said...

I think I really need a vintage swimsuit - my holiday wont be complete without :)