Dear Creatures Interview

Dear Creatures is one of my favorite independent labels out right now. They create some of the most adorable looks based off of the most stylish 60s characters! I'm not sure if I've ever posted about them before, mostly because all my favorite blogs have it covered, but I've been a big fan for a while! I was very excited when I found an interview in Zooey Magazine with Dear Creature creators Rob Sinclair and Bianca Benitez. I love getting a little insight into how labels came about and what direction they plan to go in the future. Here's a small taste of the interview that got me most excited:

Q. What plans do you have in the future for Dear Creatures? Are you looking to expand the brand? If so, how?
ROB: We going to be launching another label where our goal is to sell pieces that retail under $100. It will be a separate division from Dear Creatures but under the same umbrella. This is still in the very beginning stages and it won’t be launching until 2012.

Cheaper brand under the same umbrella as Dear Creatures?? Sign me up, please! For more of the interview, click HERE.

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rach. said...

you have such a lovely blog and your style is utterly amazing! i just thought i would let you know. ;)

love, rach.