Cat Eye

Dress & Tote: Estate Sale
Espadrilles: Salvation Army
Scarf: Goowill
Sunglasses: Studded Cat Eye Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters (on sale!)

It's been a long time since I last wore this dress. It was an estate sale find that I used to rotate into my wears each week, but after putting on a couple pounds, it was relinquished to the closet for a while. I didn't try it on again for a least a year, until the other day I thought, hmm, let's just humor myself and see if this little girl will zip. It wasn't nearly as small as I remember, but I know I couldn't have lost too much weight since then, as I've been eating just as much as I was before! If anything, I think the confusion was just augmented by time and a lack of memory, because it zipped just fine. It was a little tight in the bodice though. . .

I tossed around the idea of listing it on etsy, so that some other girl might give it a better life than me, but again, I get stuck on the fact that I think it's so cute and perfectly 60s lady-like. It probably didn't look bad at all, but to avoid any insecurities about the bodice being too tight, I tied a scarf around my waste for discretion.

I don't usually wear sunglasses inside, but for the sake of staying in the cool air and showing off my new cat eye frames from UO, I made some sacrifices for the camera. ;)

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