90's Dress & To Be Determined Giveaway

Vintage Dress: Saver's $7
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent via Ebay
Bowler Hat: Target $15
Purse: c/o To Be Determined

I haven't been able to photograph too many of the pieces I've been finding lately, but I've been raking in the floral dresses and rompers over the past month. I particularly like the grungy feel of this one with the dark florals and mixed prints, and I'm always a fan of the flowy babydoll silhouette. I think the best part is that it came hemmed up already!

I thought it would be a good match for this purse Caitlin sent over from her etsy shop, To Be Determined. It's full of all kinds of great vintage, handmade, and reconstructed items,  and Caitlin is a doll and wants to give this gorgeous purse away to one of my lucky readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us your favorite item from the To Be Determined shop. The contest is open to both domestic and international readers. Be sure to leave your email, and good luck!

Also, don't forget to get your Timely Vintage giveaway entries in before Thursday!


M. said...

love the mix of florals in that dress! so cute!

and I love the vintage blue floral sundress with bow back! perfect for the hot august month!

lovelove, M.

M. said...
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Catherine - The Girl In The Paper Dress said...

I love that dress!

To be determined has so much to chose from. I think my favorite, at least what needs to be in my wardrobe is the vintage double breasted cream canvas coat.


The Girl in the Paper Dress

Anonymous said...

I love the vintage off the shoulder black and floral party dress

Love the shop


Christy said...

I think my favorite item is the vintage black floral print mini skirt: http://www.etsy.com/listing/51532545/vintage-black-floral-print-mini-skirt

And my email address is wingstofly87 at yahoo dot com. :)

Keeks said...

I love the vintage black floral print mini skirt - looks like it's a perfect length.


Estefany said...

That dress is so gorgeous! I love how it open up like that.

My fav item from the shop is the vintage short sleeve black abstract print romper

thehelmethead [at] yahoo [dot] com

hellolyndsey said...

first picture = absolutely GORGEOUS! you have such a pretty smile, love! aww how sweet of a giveaway :)! I don't want to enter even though I ADORE the purse, I just have too many already! :)


Caitlyn, Bees with Feathers said...

Ah your dress is so pretty, it's the perfect length and print!! And that bag is amazing!

I really like the vintage navy blue floral print mini skirt! Soo cute.


Anonymous said...

I love the contrasting print of the panels on the dress! so cute ^.^

What a a good giveaway too!! My favorite item from her shop is the double breasted cream canvas coat! ^.^


Anonymous said...
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Jenni said...

I love this plaid skirt!


I love your shoes. They're amazing. And the panels on the dress are so great!

Kyra said...

I have an obsession with red purses lately so when I saw the vintage cherry red quilted chain strap purse on the front page I fell in love!


Melissa said...

What a great shop! Loving the vintage watercolor floral mini skirt. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

Kelly Lauren said...

Loving the nautical stripe mini skirt with the buttons down the front! I have been wanting a skirt like that for awhile...

great giveaway!


Jasmine said...

that bag is amazing! i am in love with your railroad photos! her shop has so many amazing skirts, but i really love the vintage cherry red quilted chain strap purse!

jasmine / jazzyhwang@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog. this photos are very cool & u got a fresh outfit on them ;)


Bea said...

Whoa! That vintage dress is seriously cool. I love the mix of prints.

Stunning photos and good giveaway! The color block plaid mini skirt is my favorite from her shop.


B from A plus B

Luchie said...

sz 7 vintage brown leather oxford flats is my favorite :)


Clazzerati said...

Hey Starr, my House of Harlow ring arrived and it's fab! Thank you so much! Pics are up on my blog if you fancy a gander xx


L said...

oh how i do love that dress.
those two fabrics work wonders with each other.
and the purse is to die for as well.
i love the shots today. :)


mruna said...

I love your dress! and i love the vintage cherry red quilted chain strap purse from 'to be determined'

mrunamistry at gmail dot com

- t h a m i a - said...

how i love ur dress!
and my fave item would be the Vintage Mint Green Faux Leather Shoulder Bag! the mint green hue is very sweet!


Shayla said...

I think my favorite is the pleated burgundy skirt!

Awesome giveaway!


amanda said...

totally diggin the dress! it looks amazing on you. i love finding those flowy 90s dresses in thrift stores. they are so great for summer. and this one couldn't be more perfect with those shoes!

Lloyda said...

amazing dress! i ♥ it!!!

Michal said...

great outfit- i looove that hat.

I think my favorite thing in the shop right now is the pink polka dot skirt. I've been obsessed with polka dots lately.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Alicia said...

What a perfect little bag! She's got a lot of great skirts in her shop; my favorite is probably the color block plaid mini. Oh, and also? Your gams look fantastic! I'm a little jealous, ha ha!

clothdoll at gmail dot com

tess said...

woah you look so fabulously grunge!

Rosie said...

You look so fab Starr! You are totally channeling a more awesome Blossom!!

Great giveaway too, there are so many skirts to choose from! But I love this one:

Sher said...

You look so pretty as usual! The dress is lovely:)

It's really hard to pick a fave, all their skirts are so cute! I'll go with the red plaid bow skirt:)


Emily said...

loooooove the cherry red quilted purse. and I agree with Alicia about the gams.


kirstyb said...

that dress is gorge and i love the shoes xxxx

Em said...

I like the vintage floral maxi dress.

Emmie said...

Lovely pics! I love train tracks

Becky said...

This dress is amazing! You're so pretty! ♥

Same Page Notion

genesis said...

I love the navy blue plaid button-up ruffle top from their shop! Thanks for holding the giveaway! :)

Shelby said...

I really love the two floral prints and it goes so well with the leather accessories!

Rachel said...

i love the vintage blue floral sundress with the bow in the back!! adorable :)


Maja said...

Great photos with beautiful background and lovely outfit!

Your blog is wonderful!
I`m following

♥ Maja

ChaChii said...

LOVE the bag in your photos! but another fave is probably the red quilted purse.

- chanel

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Love the striped nautical miniskirt! Email: timeenoughfordrums@yahoo.com. Love, Annie.

Joan said...

My fav will go to vintage brown leather oxford flats!


Michelle said...

Oh, how cool! I love the floral maxi dress with the muted beige background: http://www.etsy.com/listing/43850288/vintage-spring-floral-maxi-dress

THanks for this wonderful giveaway!
chu(dot)michelle(At) gmail(dot) com

Joanna said...

I am in LOVE with the vintage cherry red quilted chain strap purse!!

Great giveaway + love your dress :)

joannaw.xo at gmail dot com

dneuilly said...

in love with
vintage betsey johnson floral romper

sweet giveaway dear,

have a nyce day!

dneuilly at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

the vintage braided leather wedge sandals!

Sabina said...

What a sweet blog! :))
Come visit mine hon, I think (hope :)) you'll really like it! I can't wait to hear from you!

Have a nice day!

PS: Would you like to exchange links?

Justice Pirate said...

your legs are so nice and shiny!!! so nice!!

Seeing Spots said...

lovely outfit and thanks so much for the giveaway. What a great shop! The betsy johnson floral romper and plaid pleated mini are definitely my favorites.


Sweepstake Lover said...

I like the up-cycled vintage black corduroy mini skirt. Thanks.

annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

Alessandra said...

My fave is the vintage orange geometric patterned romper! Super cute!


fisiwoman said...

I love vintage tropical floral mini skirt, sign me up ^^

Ana Belén R.M

KatherineCierra said...

Love your bag and your shoes!

My favorite item from To Be Determined would be the vintage spring floral maxi dress. Too bad I'm so short.


Zeeluh said...

i lovelovelove the vintage oatmeal shrunken sweater vest


karenmaria said...

this dress is so pretty!

To Be Determined has so many pretty clothes, but my favorite is bright turquoise corduroy full mini skirt :-)

Victoria said...

Your blog is amazing, I don't know where you get all your inspiration from, your are truely talented. I've been reading for a while now and thought I'd introduce myself :)

Please check out my blog, it's only in its early days but I'm doing a little vintage giveaway, if you’re interested it's http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/

Vikki xx

Victoria said...

P.S I almost forgot, I would love to join in on your giveaway...

My favourite item from the 'To be determined' etsy shop is the 'Vintage short sleeve pistachio dress' It is beautiful.


Thank you xx

Monik said...

My favorite item from the To Be Determined shop is vintage white leather roman lace up sandals.


the Bumblebee's friend said...

i love your dress!! my favorite item from the shop is definitely the vintage blue and white nautical striped mini skirt.


the Bumblebee's friend said...

i love your dress!! my favorite item from the shop is definitely the vintage blue and white nautical striped mini skirt.


LoveCharlesVintage said...

Firstly, I adore that dress! Especially on you, & I wish I'd snagged those shoes when I had the chance.

My favorite item from To Be Determined is the red vintage dress.
Perfect for summer!

lovecharlesvintage at gmail dot com

summertime dreams said...

this is my fave item
mona dot manaigre at gmail dot com

Orphaned Apparel said...

Love that dress! 90s dresses are just the best.

{jaclyn} said...

love this shoot and love your smile in the first shot!