I'm holding a giveaway!

Here's the remainder of the set that goes with yesterday's photo. I'm far too busy with a retro shoot this afternoon to even think about going out to get outfit photos, so I'm cheating and posting the ones that go with the giveaway I'm holding over on the Mousevox blog! I'm giving away this vintage white linen peter pan collar blouse and the handmade pink floral crown. In case you were wondering, these are the shorts from the 'Fly Away!' collection that I flaked on adding to the shop last week. There were actually about four pieces that I ended up keeping from that collection! I had the photos and measurements taken for everything, but I decided last minute that I was going to keep some of the pieces. Hopefully no one's too upset about that!

Oh, also, I got a new Penny Farthing bike necklace on Etsy the other day, and I'm so happy to finally be sporting it in some photos. It's a little smaller than I would've liked, but it's a Penny Farthing none the less, so I really can't complain!


Rosalie said...

gorgeous pics again, i love the blouse too.

Estefany said...

You look pretty, your pics are always so fun! The crown is way too cute!