The Blue Skirt #2 & 7 Random Things.

Hooray for another addition to "The Blue Skirt" files.
Gotta love those go to pieces!

In the navy.

Vintage Shirt: Goodwill $3
Vintage Skirt: Saver's $6
Indiana Jones Tooled Belt: Goodwill $1
Sandals: U.O. $30 (they're having a sale!!!)
Purse: Hayden & Harnett for Target $45
Bow: Estate Sale $1

Big thanks to Sharon over at My Passport to Style for the stylish blogger award she gave me in my last post. Sharon is a really awesome stylist from a really lovely blog and this award was an absolute honor! My goal for this blog has been to show girls they can be stylish without having to spend the big bucks, so this award was definitely extra special.

Also, a huge thank you to Amy from The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire for the kreative blogger award that she passed on to me the other day. Amy's got the cutest style and an equally adorable blog, and I couldn't be more thrilled about receiving this award. In proper keeping I will tell seven things about myself and then I will pass it on to seven others.

1. I wear glasses.
I never wear them in my photos because there's always a weird reflection. I do have clear contacts, but I would say I wear my glasses the most. I'm just too lazy to put the contacts in!

2. I have eight brothers and sisters.
I am the fourth of four biological girls, then my parents adopted five. I now have five sisters and three brothers. We range in age from five to thirty five. My parents are angels, I swear.

3. My drink of choice is Captain Morgan & Diet Coke.
It tastes like Vanilla Coke. Yum!

4. My given name is Starr Crow.
It was inspired by a lady who worked at Western Union.
My father didn't know her, just liked her name and her matching star earrings. My last name just happens to be a noun too.

5. I collect vintage hats.
I have at least 40 and I'm working on a creative way to document them for a post. What happened to the days when you couldn't leave the house without a hat? I think that's where I'd fit in.

6. I work at a fancy restaurant in a historic hotel.
My job is to lay out silverware, poor water, and serve rolls. It's easy and they give me good health insurance, but I long for something more. God I can't wait to finish college.

7. I love candy corn.
My boyfriend was convinced that everyone in the world thought candy corn was 'the nasty candy' that no one ate, but after taking a poll at work I proved to him that most people love it!

Hopefully that was somewhat interesting!
Now lets hear from Diana, Ashlee, Marta, Piglet, Valencia, Eithlinn and Mairyliscious!


eithlinn said...

Oh, thank you for passing it on to me!It made me very happy.:)Getting around to finding 7 things will be a little tricky, but I will think up something shortly!

Missa said...

Adorable outfit and what wonderful interesting bits to learn about you!

Clare said...

I also take my glasses off when I take my pictures. The glare is just too much.

Dylana said...

Cute outfit! Love all these little tidbits about you!


piglet said...

Oh thank you so much!
I would love to see all your hat collection!

Mairyliscious said...

oh thanks !!!!
i will post as soon as possible !
love the skirt and the shoes!!!!!!!!

Valencia Lia said...

Really adore your skirt and its really perfect with that colorful plaid blouse :)

Gorgeous sandals tooo! And aww,thanks so so much for passing on the award to me:) I'll be doing it up really shortly<3 <3

I didn't know you had so many siblings. And your parents are really so great for adopting too.

And you really do have a gorgeous beautiful name,so unique too !

big hugsssss

pssst,I too wear glasses too whenever I can but not in photos(sometimes actually)!

VintageFrantic said...

Congrats for the awards! oh, and I just loved the outfit, great colors and the shoes are just fabuleaus

Poppy said...

What a darling post, congratulations on the award! What a fantastic name, it has such personality. Thanks for sharing.

Tony Stone said...

I just love your universe.
It's out of time. It's sensitive. It's romantic. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! First off, I love how you styled your blue skirt! The plaid blouse and cage shoes look so perfect with it. Second of all, I LOVE all these facts about you. Your parents are definitely angels- that is so amazing they adopted 5 kids. And I love your name- I think it has a great charm to it.


P.S. Thank you so much for the shout out! You already know how much I adore your blog and your style. I look forward to checking out your posts everyday. You are so great!!

Mamushka Marie said...

I loved reading about you! So many interesting things, I love that you come from a big family and how your dad named you...p.s. i love candy corn too! :)

Marta Castellanos said...

8 sibilings!that´s great!I have 3 and Ithink that my home is the funniest in the world, but yours must be even most!
Thank you so much for passing me the award!!You know I think you are wonderful!I will said 7 things about myself in the next post!xoxo, and thank you again!

Claire said...

Just found your blog and love it, you've got really lovely style :)


Diana said...

so basically you are the coolest girl i know? "my given name is starr crow". pretty much, yes.

Ashlee said...

thanks for the tag.
i like reading the random little facts about you.
and i am lovin' how you styled the blue skirt yet again!

idée_géniale said...

This is great! I so agree on wearing hats and am very jealous to hear about your collection. I just took a peek at your previous post and saw the floral hat your wearing!!!!Love.
Your name is so cool. Growing up I always was 1 out of 5 with the same name. (lame).

Diane said...

love the colors in the top

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.