Today's outfit was styled around a family heirloom...
my great grandmothers brooch.






When I was in Alabama my grandmother gave me two vintage heirlooms that I treasure more than life itself (well, not quite that much). The first and most precious was that brooch I mentioned in the photos above. I had never received a family piece before now so this was truly an honor to have it in my possession. This brooch is now the most precious item that I own. God, if my grandma only knew how much I adore it and how beautiful I think it is.

Vintage Dress: Saver's $6
Patterned Tights: Alabama Thrift Store $1.50
Shoes: Forever 21 $24
Belt: DIY
Brooch: an heirloom which belonged to my great grandmother
Vintage Hat: Alabama Flea Market $3

The second heirloom, I guess you could say, was a scrapbook that belonged to my Great Aunt Alice over a hundred years ago. You see, Aunt Alice was a beauty and I've been smitten with her ever since I saw this photo sitting under a piece of glass in my grandmothers living room. It was the first antique photo I noticed, and my sister and I just couldn't get over how sensational her style was; I kept wishing that headband was still in the family!

My Great Aunt Alice

Aunt Alice attended Miss Nanny Baker's Private School growing up which my grandmother said made her very snobish and uppity. Her father (my great, great grandfather) ran a successful business in Northern Alabama, allowing his children to get good educations which was quite the luxury in those days. By the time Alice got to high school, her father had passed away and the money was pretty much lost. Being the hoity toity girl that she was, she insisted on taking a senior trip to New York along with all of her classmates (who, mind you, still had the money to go). Alice's mother was quite the push over and allowed her to wipe out her little brothers (my great grandfather) college account in order to afford that senior trip. In turn, my great grandfather was forced to live a simpler life and could only afford his first year of college where he played football at Auburn.

My grandmother gave me Alice's scrapbook which is full of vintage cutouts and cards with dates that go back to 1903.
Another heirloom that I adore.
(click the photos for a closer view)

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls

100 Year Family Scrapbook for the Girls


Clare said...

What an absolutely darling scrapbook. Your outfit is so sweet and old-looking (not in a bad way, in that fabulous vintage way!). And I love those shoes...I've been ogling them for awhile and might just have to get 'em.

Anonymous said...

I really have to start checking out Savers. Your dress is gorgeous and that color is amazing on you. Your great-grandmother's brooch is precious and those shoes are simply perfect.



Mairyliscious said...

honey my mouth is still open !!!
the brooch is fantastic and the scrapbook you are very lucky !
love the color of the dress and your shoes!

FrivolousFlapper said...

WOW...amazing pieces and AMAZING story about your uppity ancestor ;)

eithlinn said...

Your outfit is perfect!To me, it's one of your best!

It's great you found the exact shade of your brooch on the dress, also it's very creative to use the brooch on the belt!

Your story was very interesting too, I don't know how I would feel about the scrapbook if she was my great aunt though!It's amazing how little things can change entire lives....

WalkTheSand said...

That hat is absolutely stunning. Great post, a lovely read.



Melanie's Randomness said...

Your shoes & the scrapbook are just adorable. =)

stephendforrest@gmail.com said...

best work, yet

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, I feel like giving you award for this post, I have recently tagged 5 bloggers over @ My Passport to Style, with the Stylish blogger award.You look so incrediable in these vintage clothes, you have made them work beautifuly and to tie this into your grandmothers history.Personaly I was blown away, please feel free to collect this award, not somthing I would usually do, but your post deserves a award and made my day!!! Sharon xxxoooo

Dylana said...

Beautiful! I love the color of your dress so much! You have stunning eyes, too!


Diana said...

This is one of the most endearing posts i have read in a long time. this so cool for sharing. i had to keep scrolling up and down the post, but i see the similarities! I love the brooch and how awesome is that scrapbook! I love this idea because my scrapbook is near and dear to me so if a great great niece had it, it'd be an honor.

Corinna said...

the brooch is so pretty& it goes so well with your dress!
your great aunt sounds a bit selfish, but her scrapbook is pretty nevertheless

fashionist__ahead said...

i really love it...

Lemondrop Marie said...

What a gorgeous post all around. The scrapbook is wonderful, and you are so lucky to have received that brooch. That color looks divine on you!

Ashlee said...

that scrapbook is unbelievable.
so wonderful that it has lasted all these years.

and your great grandmother's brooch is gorgeous.

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, Im back again, hope you liked the vintage stylish blogger award, I tagged you with.Also wondered if you would like to be a guest blogger over on My Passport to Style,Interested? email me @ sharonstyle@fsmail.net Sharon xxxxoooo

Marta Castellanos said...

wow wow wow, I love this!It´s a beautful broch, and about the picture...wow!


Leproust Vintage said...

oh yay!!! I was waiting to see the brooch! I was waiting to see it! And those shoes....they look so expensive. I can't believe they are from froever21...great find!

piglet said...

Wow, your outfit is wonderful and so is the scrapbook and story. I just love that flower hat and the lovely brooch.

Tree Castles said...

you are so lucky to have such beautiful heirlooms. i am quite jealous. and i love how you shared that bit of family story. it's like a little story from a book!!!! isn't it wonderful to hear about old relatives' stories?
sometimes i really like to believe that we're all characters in our different stories. :)
ah the brooch, the antique photo, the scrapbook!!! marvelous!!!
and my goodness, your eyes match gorgeously with your dress!

Valencia Lia said...

Family heirlooms ?! wowww,that's something so so precious :) I really love the brooch and the scrapbook as well.

Your Aunt Alice is really so gorgeous! love her style.

Adore your mint dress dress with that amazing flower petal like hat !! I'm so envious<3

And you really have beautiful eyes :)

Missa said...

Beautiful outfit, beautiful post, everything about it is perfect from the heirlooms to the history!

That color is stunning with your eyes too, what a gorgeous portrait that second pic is!

Rhiannon said...

How amazing to own a scrapbook like that!! And I can definitely see the influence of it in your outfit . . . so pretty!!

Kass said...

That dress is amazing on you, it really brings out your eyes.
man, that scrap book is such a treasure!

.mackie said...

I want those shoes! your outfit is beautiful. it gives me a feeling of nostalgia. i love it =)

Ms. B said...

That outfit is perfection! I never would have thought to place the brooch on a sash but it really does bring it front and center and compliment your dress perfectly! I love the scrapbook too, such an heirloom!

Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

So now I'm becoming the creepy commenter on your blog - but it really is making me nostalgic for home, plus your blog is just lovely.

And I have to chime in that the carriage house I used to live in with my exboyfriend is in the background of one of these pictures.


I wish I had been inspired and creative when I lived there - all your photos are fantastic (thus part of my browsing)