The Power Of Dreams

Do you like to dream?

One of my favorite things in the world is to ride in the passenger seat of a car, window down, radio up, and wind in my hair as I daydream about the happiest things in life. Dreams can be so powerful as they sort out our thoughts and shape our creativity essentially leading us down our path in life.
When I saw a commercial for the Honda short film documentary Dreams vs. Nightmares, I immediately went to my computer to see what it was all about. Clearly, coming from a car company it's about developing new, clean and safe technology, but ultimately it's about the power of the human mind in the state of a dream.
The film is short, ending at somewhere around seven minutes but powerful and effective enough to make you realize the potential of our minds. Although I haven't watched them all, Honda also has three other short films dealing with failure, technology, and mobility and the ability of our minds when pushed towards a difficult challenge.

If only more people would follow there dreams...
Sheer and Ruffley 8/8/09

Sheer and Ruffley 8/8/09

Sheer and Ruffley 8/8/09

Sheer and Ruffley 8/8/09

Sheer and Ruffley 8/8/09

Sheer and Ruffley 8/8/09

....workin' on it.


eithlinn said...

Awww, you posted a video from somewhere other than youtube! Thanks! That's very thoughtful of you!
We have ways to get around the ban but it feels like too much hassle! Sometimes If I am especially looking for music videos for example, I search for it in other sites...But sometimes for some videos, for example footage from a recent tv.show and such, youtube is the only choice...

My boyfriend has access to it on his flat and he recently figured how that was possible , so may be he could help...He also said it had some side effects too, but whatever....It feels so third world this ban is....very embarrassing... That's about the most ridiculous thing about here! In other ways, it's quite a good place though...I hadn't seen that coming!

Your pics are nice as always, the video was quite thought provoking, but it made me feel as if I chose not to follow my dreams in life...Well, I don't even know what my dream is now anyway...

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

oh no, don't feel that way!! dreams are always happening and new goals always emerging, even if life didn't go down as planned there's always new dreams and aspirations. i didn't mean to make you feel that way! :(
glad you got to watch the video though! so can yall get it just your country has a ban on it or what??

Leproust Vintage said...

The lighting in these photos in so pretty! What an inspirational post...I love the picture of you mid-spin....I feel like it goes with a post obout dreams! Kind of like you were floating!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I agree with Leproust, the lighting on you and the greenery in the photos is just amazingly beautiful! I loved this post and the next one. Such amazing color and texture! Thanks for the follow your dreams reminder.

Claradevi said...

Hi dear Starr, your photos are wonderful! Teehee, I'm esp. so excited to see your beautiful dress and lovely sunflares by the 4th photo. Pretty! You remind me the urge of keep on dreaming - and the funny thing is, I was just drawn an oracle card this morning aimed to everyone who has supported me on my last post (it means, you're included, for sure!) and the card meaning is everything about realizing your dreams! what a coinsidence. But I agree that everyone should always dreaming - its the only place that we can be anything we want without need to care about any impossibilities. :)

ps : thank you so much for your encouraging word on my last post, it means a lot for me. hugs from here!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, dear. Definitely food for thought, that video. Really interesting...I've always been a daydreamer myself, but I rarely remember the dreams I've had during my sleep.

Cute outfit, too, the third picture is really cool with the light and all.


P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest blog post on the English Muse!

Maria Confer said...

You look so lovely in these pictures. Adore your dress and t-straps.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

Kay Davis said...

I like the dress in this post.