Dandies and Dollies

I remember only a couple of years ago when I laid my eyes on an Erin Featherston dress for the first time. It was from her Target line so not quite the real thing, but whimsical and playful to say the least. At that time I did a little research on her and fell in love with her ready to wear fashions and the remainder of her Target line.

I just don't know how I missed her "Wendybird" film.

I found it today after reading an article about her in The Fashion Issue of Flaunt Magazine. Directed by Ellen Von Unwerth and starring the face of whimsy Miss Kirsten Dunst herself, the short film takes on the sun flares of the summer with a fairytale feel and a whimsical tone.

I just can't help but love her aesthetic.

"Wendybird" led me to Unwerth's next film "The Dreamy Wanderer" featuring Featherston's designs and starring Zooey Dechannel.

Equally inspiring.

Then there's what I wore...
Somehow I started the day with the androgynous influence of the dandies and ended it with the sweet dolly thoughts of the fairies.
I'm all over the place here. Do you ever feel that way too?












The Glamorous Housewife said...

I find your photographs very inspiring. You are so brave in your fashion and your pics- I feel silly sometimes- but next time I feel insecure about something I shall think of you and get strength.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

stephendforrest@gmail.com said...

how sartorially soviet of you. i have no idea why this outfit screams russian fashion. perhaps, it's the hat. perhaps, i've been following facehunter too closely. perhaps, im totally ignorant in the fashion world. anyways, the first photo is stunning and definitely my favorite. superior photographs, bravo.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Glam Housewife-
Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.
Trust me, I do feel insecure when I'm dressed a bit costumey. I've found that if I just carry myself with the utmost confidence people don't seem to make fun of my outfits. I guess I don't really care like I used to, I get a lot of inspiration from places like London where people wear what they want with no concern for others opinions!!

Thanks again! :)

I definitely feel the Russian vibe too now that you mentioned it. It's totally the hat and the suspenders!
And thanks! The first photo was one of my faves too. I'm definitely enjoying my tripod! :)

Did any of those photos you took turn out??

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

First, I have to say that you have a very pretty blog!

This outfit you're wearing is simply adorable! I love absolutely everything about it and you wear it so well!


a mouse said...

that is a magic hat! you cant go wrong it in ;)
cute blog! xoxo

a mouse said...

ooh also.. id never seen these films
thanks for posting! i wonder too
how i missed them! xoxo

Meelzy and Leila said...

Woaw this outfit is stunning. I need to buy some braces.