A Good Day In A Nutshell

Yesterday was good to me.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with my sister Kristi admiring the old homes in our town and digging through the stands at the flea markets.

Here she is below at Christmas time last year with me and our nephew Brandon. Doesn't she have the most adorable style??

Christmas '08

She took these lovely photos for me...

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

Summer Stripes 8/6/09

And then she took me to a screening for the film that won the 2009 Little Rock Film Festival called Slumberland.
About a guy going through a terrible breakup, trying to reunite with old friends and find himself along the way it was definitely something that a 24 year old like me could relate too. Although it was a little slow at times, the story was great along with the acting making for a pretty impressive first film.

Here's the trailer if your interested.

My day was a blast and equally exhausting.
It was nice to lay down and fall asleep to the sweet folk-laced blues chords of the oh so talented Karen Dalton. While I'm not sure that I could articulate her sound, The Village Voice put it nicely in these words...

"She sounds like she has a terminal case of laryngitis, but I liked her a lot. Her voice is apt to put you in mind of Billie Holiday's after hers started to go, but any resemblance stops there. I suppose Karen Dalton has to be classified as a folk singer, but her texture is the antithesis of Baez's (boring) clarity of Collin's sweetness. Her style is a rare mix of familiar folk and blues influences with a strong dose of uncompromising Karen Dalton-ness stirred in,so that it is a new thing, unique."

Her footage and recordings are rare.
I promise that the video I'm posting is worth your time.
This music moves me. Give it a listen, it may do the same for you.


eithlinn said...

I am glad that you have another post so soon, I like the more personal style of your new blog, having just fashion is somewhat limiting and to that, I can relate.It's a pity I can't watch your videos without putting much effort...I recently saw a mock map of Europe on the net which showed Turkey as "no youtube land"!Such a bad image for a country, I should get around to sorting that out at least on a personal level.It's actually possible.

Your sister looks a lot like you, and yes , she has great style! And I mean that, cause I sensed an affinity with mine!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Thank you, Im so much happier with this more personal blog because the posts are effortless, I pretty much just document my day! This is the stuff Id rather go back and read in 20 years anyway rather than my fashion thoughts.

I can't believe you don't have YouTube?? That's so crazy to me. Is there anything similar?

Elaine said...

I love your outfit! Stripes are so classy! And the shoes are amazing...

Leproust Vintage said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your hat so much! Thanks for the trailor....it looks great!

Milzy and Leila said...

What an amazing outfit. I love those sandals
The trailer doesn't seem to work for me though =(
xxx Milzy

hannah said...

cute outfit, love the stripes! and the bag is mad cool too.