A face with gladness.

Things that made me smile today...

Watching this old trailer:
Anna Chlumsky is so dang cute and she's in a new movie too!

Finding all these treasures for a only 8 bucks:
Thrifted Treasures Grand Total= $8

An old Jim Beam collectors bottle with a painting from popular wildlife artist James Lockhart on the front.
Thrifted Treasures
A vintage Kodak camera bag and a glass measuring juice jar.
Thrifted Treasures

Wooden cutting boards and an old Webster's dictionary for more decoupaging.
Thrifted Treasures

A book of landscapes with great rich color for more mixed media endeavors.
Thrifted Treasures

Some vintage shades..
Guatamalan Fashion

This lovely purse...
with stains I know but I still love it.
Thrifted Treasures

An etched print with a wonderful wooden frame ...my favorite!
Thrifted Treasures

Thrifted Treasures

Wearing this yard sale dress that cost a dollar:
(hemmed shorter)
Guatamalan Fashion

Guatamalan Fashion

Guatamalan Fashion

For Sale
Item of the day

Available at my etsy site...
An awesome pair of 80's pumps (Size 8) with a quite innovative heel for that time. I know we see teacups and guns and lightbulbs used for heels these days, but for the 80's I'd say that this was a pretty unique choice finish. I'll have them listed later tonight if your interested.

80's Heel

80's Heel


Leproust Vintage said...

Oh my goodness! I love so many things about this post....My Girl and My Girl 2 are seriously some of my all time favorite movies! I loved them growing up, and I STILL love them to this day! Also, so random, but I saw the same Jim Beams collectors bottle in one my my patient's homes the other day, and thought it was awesome!

I cannot believe you found all of that for $8! Was it all at a thrift shop?

Claradevi said...

I was just about to say the exact things like Kristin had said above! Everything is wonderful - the recalling memory of My Girl (I was so little when I saw this movie but it still sticking on my mind till forever!), the new gems finds (for $8! you're killing me!), your sweet little dress and new shoes. Sooo adorable! The saddest thing is there are not so many antique or thrift store around here, so it's hard to find great stuff like that in such affordable price :((

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Kristin- I know, "My Girl" seriously melts my heart and this trailer takes me back to those days. I'm definitely gonna have to watch the movie now. :)

I can't believe you saw the EXACT same bottle! I did some research and found that Jim Beam has a lot of different series of collectors bottles, but to have seen the same one?? Crazy!

I found all that stuff at the same thrift store. It's got a lot of junk so you really have to dig but they do have some treasures. That etching that I love so much had a tag that said $8 but I knew they wouldn't charge me that, it's weird...they usually only want 5 bucks. Again...crazy, huh?!

I hate that you don't have many cheap thrift stores in your town, I couldn't live without them.
Glad you got your internet working though, let me know when you get your letter! :)

beckyxoxo said...

wow love the whole things ! they're so unique and antique x) and i can't believe that dress costed only a dollar ! because i love it . haha .

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Adorable dress and those shades are awesome too.

betty | aStealerOfHearts.com said...

I loved that movie so much!
Your dress is adorable

Divinity Avenue said...

I love all your thrift finds!! And those shoes!

beautifulnemo said...

""My Girl" seriously melts my heart and this trailer takes me back to those days. I'm definitely gonna have to watch the movie now. :)" I was going to say the same LOL! :) I love it so much! I have a pic of them kissing in my blog inspirations too! :)
xx from madrid:)

Simes. said...

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Lemondrop Marie said...

All were fab finds of course, but I am gobsmacked at how gorgeous you look in a $1 dress and those precious sunnies. Total score for you.

evita nuh said...

ohhh myyy I'm gasping! those stuff are super beautiful! each of them is beautiful! you must have a great eyes to catched those stuff :) and 8 bucks? woooww you are soo lucky!

{Tara} said...

I'm pretty sure that is my dream dress -- I've been on the hunt for the perfect little Mexican shift dress for ages...the glasses are darn cute, too!