Good Monday to you lovelies.
It's been a rather lazy day for me. I messed around with decoupaging again and had fun with the whole juxtaposing of animal heads on human bodies (I'm really into that right now..)

Speaking of, here's a new print that I just bought for my house.

It's called "General Lynx" and it's from a really talented screen print artist named Mark Weaver. I came across his work on fffound and fell in love, totally my style of art. So anyway I've decided to try my hand at that same type of stuff although I'm sure it won't be near that good!

I've been finding a lot of inspiration in the book shown below. It's full of images that over the years were printed in the back of Life Magazine on the Miscellany pages which were designed to close each issue with a good laugh.


Here are some of my favorites from the book...
(sorry for the poor scanning):









Aren't they all so cute!

And finally like I promised the item of the day...
Today I chose a lovely men's cardigan sweater (m/l) modeled by my friend Hannah (xs) during a shoot back in February (seems like ages ago). It's a vintage argyle sweater from the 70's that would be perfect for the upcoming fall season. If your interested it will be on my etsy site.



Photo Credits: Cody Henslee & Stephen Forrest


elle s'ennuie said...

The images from the book are great, thank you for sharing those!
I really like the pictures for the cardigan's etsy listing too. Especially the middle one with the model lying down is quite incredible, it's one of those that I look at and think, wow I want to have taken that... or have such a pic taken of me, I'd settle for that also! :)

Eliza said...

oh, i love the print you bought! it's something i would definitely put in my house as well :)

and the photos are gorgeous. i especially liked the one with the old lady and her great-great-grandson. how beautiful, their expressions are amazing! :)) thank you for sharing those! <3

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Elle- I've always loved that photo too, wish I would have taken it!

Eliza-That is actually my favorite photo too. The faces that they're making are absolutely priceless!

Anonymous said...

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Divinity Avenue said...

I love ffffound. They have the best images. So inspiring!


Sam said...

That print is so amazing! It's a bit strange, but that's why I really like it.

I also really like your outfit and especially the hat! The hat looks darling on you

Adela said...

oooh! i LOVE your blog! this outfits is beautiufl, and i especially like that last picture. i hope you sell it soon! =) whoever gets the sweawter is quite lucky indeed!