Old Things & New People

A look into my Thursday...
My sister and I love thrifting way too much, I swear it's like a drug.
Here are some of my favorite finds from our latest thrift store escapades:

Edwardian undergarment patterns.
(LOVE Edwardian camisoles and I'm gonna try to make some)

16 sets (6 per set) of National Geographic Magazines
(needed for mixed media projects)
National Geographics

And...a vintage crochet summer top from my favorite local vintage shop


Of course I bought plenty more but that could go all day!
We eventually left the thrift stores and carried on our day at Kanis Park.

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

One of my thrift store steals, a vintage skirt made of a thick linen with the most beautiful multi-colored stripes happened to fit perfectly over what I had on.

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

Kanis Park 8/13/09

And (as if our day wasn't long enough) we got the call this handsome man was ready to be born. Weighing in a 7lbs and 1oz with the cutest little man boobs (kidding), Mr. Evan Cade Hackler made is entrance into the world.

Welcome to the family little guy.

Evan Cade Hackler 8/13/09

I've decided to start sharing one dress per post that will make it to my etsy shop.
I'm the worst at keeping up my shop, mostly due to time, so I figured this would be the easiest way to keep the dresses coming. I've got a dress rack full of vintage that eventually has to sell so one by one I'll show them off.

The first one that I picked is a Grecian style dress (M/L), probably from the 70's, that would be perfect with some strappy sandals and gold accessories. You can find it here if your interested.

Now I'm off to play with Mod Podge.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. :)


Claradevi said...

Ah, beautiful photos, Starr! I love your hat. everything about the outfits and how the sun shining through the air. Beautiful! And by the way, I loooooove national geographic too. Wish I could find the old series as well! *sigh*

Sharon said...

oh your outfit is adorable!
very pretty!!

Meaghan Kelly said...

oh wow!!! That skirt really was made to go exactly with what you were wearing! I'm envious that you found that Edwardian underwear pattern! :D
So great!!!
Where did you get those shoes? They're an absolute dream!

Leproust Vintage said...

What an eventful weekend! Edwardian undergarment patterns.....what a great find! :)

a mouse said...

ah what great finds! and you look so darling ;)