Laurs Kemp

Laurs Kemp Laurs Kemp Laurs Kemp Laurs Kemp
Photographer: Amber Byrne Mahoney
Model/Stylist: Emily Theobald
Make-up Artist: Allison Perlstein

My friend Lauren just launched a new website for her fashion label, Laurs Kemp. If you've followed this blog for a while you may remember me taking some photos of her collection back in 2011. Lauren has since moved from Arkansas to America's hippest city, Portland, where she has been working on a capsule collection titled L'Heure Magique which was inspired by the 1970s work of photographers Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton and the 1996 film The Craft.

I have always loved Lauren's designs and I'm so smitten with this batch as well. The simplicity of the silhouettes and the cool crescent moon prints are right up my alley. I love that she sent her work off to Brooklyn to be photographed by the talented Amber Mahoney and the gorgeous model/stylist Emily Theobald.

You can see more of the Laurs Kemp capsule collection lookbook here.

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