denim overall dress

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by Heather Canterbury
Photograhpy: Heather Canterbury
Dress: The Little Rack on Etsy

My friend Amber Taylor is a really great seamstress and designer who moved off to Nashville last year. The past two falls I've walked in a fashion show wearing her beautiful designs, but this year neither of us were home to take part in the festivities. Fortunately, she has put her time and talent into creating an Etsy shop where, instead of coming up with a full collection, she focuses on offering custom orders in a a few staple designs.

This makes me extremely happy because I was at a loss trying to figure out where to find a sturdy denim overall dress. It's like Amber took the design idea right out of my head, and I'm so happy she did! I'm pretty much in love.

My friend Heather and I got together one afternoon to capture a few shots of me wearing it.

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