three years later

Model: Katy Tipton
Stylist & Photos: Starr Crow

Those of you who have followed my blog over the years may remember some of the first projects I did with model Katy back in 2010. I knew I wanted her to be my go-to model back in 2008––two years before I knew her and about a year before we even had any real friends in common––because I loved her face and style so much. Eventually we were introduced and the projects started coming together. I'm not certain how many times we've worked together over the years, but I guarantee that each time we do I call it "my favorite collaboration ever". She's brilliant.

I recently started digging through my archives on flickr where I have 9,803 photos stored (dear god, I can't even believe how many have accumulated), and I found this set of photos we did together for an etsy update in July 2010. When I originally posted the photos on my blog, it was still cool to put weird old photo borders around images. I loved it at the time, but in recent years I was bummed because I thought those were the only files I had kept of the photos. Much to my surprise, during my flickr rummage I unearthed the original files!!!

You'll have to excuse the photography since I didn't ask a real photographer to help shoot these at the time. I re-edited them in an attempt to correct the color a bit, as you can tell after looking at the original blog post. I like them much better now, and I'm amazed to say that three years later my style hasn't changed to much either. I still want as many white silk button ups and cotton dresses as I can find. Oh, and floral crowns still rule too.

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