Wartime Winter

Duffle Coat: Sally Jane Vintage
Shirt, Bag, Boots: Thrift
Jeans: H&M
Hat: Forever 21

Over the winter holiday I devoted most of my free time to books and films about wartime America. Most of my curiosity pertained to the second world war, and most of it was influenced by shows like The Pacific & Band of Brothers and corresponding books like With the Old Breed and E.B. Sledge's follow up China Marine. Perhaps it was the winter weather that influenced my devotion to bleak programming. Whatever the case, I happily neglected my social life in exchange for reading first-hand accounts of wartime events. I even wrote my grandmother asking about my grandfather's stint in the war (he was tank driver in the 2nd Armored Division). It was a strange phase that certainly poured over into my daily style. I didn't leave the house much but when I did I wore black jeans, brown boots, my duffle coat, and anything army green; anything that looked like something Sledgehammer, Snafu, or Major Winters might wear.

These photos were taken in the middle of that obsession. I've now moved on to new shows and new books, ironically all involving Damien Lewis (the shows, at least). I'm fully addicted to Homeland and can't wait for its return, and after making it through the first episode, I really enjoyed the Fosyte Sage (a 2002 BBC mini-series very similar to Downton Abbey) too. I'm all over the boards as far as periods go, but I'm addicted to them both, nonetheless.

Do you have any good program recommendations? Perhaps some good British television programs that aren't shown here in the US.

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