Dress: Thrifted, dyed myself
Boots: c/o Dolce Vita
Tote: Fieldguided
Ring: c/o Romwe

A few years ago I thrifted an antique cotton dress that I loved so much but hardly wore because it was so transparent you could see right through to my bra and panties. I took that into consideration when looking for a piece of fabric to dye in a vat of indigo I whipped up with my friend Myriam one afternoon this summer. It took some time to make my decision because I didn't want to ruin the dress, but I reasoned with the fact that if I didn't give it a little color I'd probably never wear it anyway.

I tied my dress up with rubber bands making sure not to create any strange rings in chest area while Myriam worked on wrapping a v-neck tshirt. Together we took a chance on dip dying a pair of button up blouses, both of which we had found on recent thrift trips. Mine was a classic silk button up from J. Crew, and hers was a vintage chambray button up with a real utilitarian vibe.

After letting our garments soak in the vat for a while and then oxidize in the summer air (and then repeating that process several times), our clothes were ready to be rinsed, washed, and dried. I was so pleased with how my dress came out, and so so happy I took a chance on it. I added Instagram photos of the whole process and of my dip dyed shirt below if you're curious.

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