Backyard Bill + Stanley & Sons

Have you guys ever heard of Backyard Bill? It's a blog ran by a guy named Bill who lives in Brooklyn and frequently interviews interesting people living and working in the the area. I don't know how I landed on the site myself, but I was pleased to find this beautiful couple at the top of the page when I got there.

Lindsay Carver and Chris Grodzki make aprons and bags under the name Stanley & Sons. Chris's grandfather, Stanley, owned the original Apron and Bag Company years ago, and in 2008, Chris revived his grandfather's craft when he opened Stanley & Sons Apron and Bag Co. The products that Lindsay and Chris create have a simple, rustic quality to them that I'm really drawn to. Lots of leathers and cottons, and really easy browns, blues, and whites. I'm also really inspired by both of their styles. These kids sure know how to dress...

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