Monday in red.

Blouse, skirt, and purse: Thrifted
Boots: Target

Last week I spent a lot of time working on various photography projects. I spent one afternoon photographing my fifteen-year-old niece in the most beautiful abandoned building owned by the state health center. There was a greenhouse full of old park benches and a building with an old chalkboard and minty green walls. I can't wait to see the photos! I'll be sure to share them once I get them developed.

My parents had a bbq at their house on Sunday, and I went and took my nieces and nephews on golf cart rides around the yard and chased the geese with my one-year-old niece! I also took senior pictures of my oldest nephew in his letterman jacket which was weird because a) I can't believe he's graduating and b) I don't typically shoot senior pictures. It was fun though. I was glad to spend time with everyone.

This is the outfit that I wore yesterday. I did some things around the house in the morning, then got dressed for a trip to the mall to get some new things from Sephora. It was completely unintentional that I dressed like their logo. When I received my bag at the register, I realized that it looked like an accessory to my outfit! I felt pretty silly.

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