Jake's Christmas Wishlist

Like I said last week, I'm a little behind on Christmas shopping, but I've been catching up all week. I showed you my wishlist earlier this week, and I thought I'd share some of Jake's wishlist too. Unfortunately Jake is one of those Christmas babies whose birthday falls on December 29, right when I'm fresh out of money and expected to pay rent again. To top it off, my sisters birthday is January 2, and if there were two people in this world that I would want to splurge on for their birthdays it would be these two. Kristi and I have agreed to push our Christmas and her birthday back until January 25, after another pay period has cycled around again, which is a relief because now I can focus on Jake.

He didn't ask for everything on this list (he'd never ask for clothes or shoes), and I didn't buy all this stuff for him (c'mon now, what if he looks at my blog), but for the most part, this is the stuff I've been looking at.

1) Band/movie tees. When Jake's not in his work clothes, he's usually in a t-shirt, and since he loves T-Rex and the Electric Warrior design, I thought this was a good choice. I also sneakily got his approval on this A Clockwork Orange shirt, too.

2) I don't drink coffee, but Jake does and he hasn't had a good coffee pot in years. Plus, the one he's got doesn't allow for brewing only one cup, which is usually all he drinks anyway. This Hamilton Beach coffee maker had great reviews at Amazon.

3) Jake is a Lego fanatic. When he got the graphic design job at Dillard's the first thing on his desk was a Lego Winnebago! This guy is a little pricey, but it's a great way to sort and store Lego's as it separates the different sizes and keeps them very organized.

4) A man can always use an extra pair of Levi's. Enough said.

5) He's not typically one for wrestling games, but he won't quit talking about this one. He almost bought it for himself the other day, but I insisted that he should refrain from buying self-gifts during the holidays, especially when he has the item on his wishlist!

6) My favorite gift of all. A 2012 subscription to Numero Group. Numero Group is an archival record label out of Chicago that releases several great recordings, films, and photographs each year. They work hard to research and re-master forgotten gems, and every year they offer a package of their releases. Jake and I are madly in love with this label, and the yearly subscription is awesome because Christmas presents keep showing up on our doorstep all year long.

7) Jake needs new work shoes, and this stylish pair of Clark's will be great for work and for play.

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