Lauren Kemp Fall 2011 + Katy (Part 1)

Photographer: Starr Crow
Model: Katy Tipton
Designer: Lauren Kemp
Stylist: Lauren Kemp & Starr Crow
Art Director: Heather Canterbury & Starr Crow

Last year I posted photographs of local fashion designer Lauren Kemp's fall 2010 collection. She shows every year at HarvestFest and last year I was lucky enough to snap some photos from the crowd. This year I walked in the show (for a different designer) and wasn't able to steal any photographs of my own, so I decided to set up a shoot with Lauren and a few other friends.

My friend Heather Canterbury and I planned out the locations and asked the lovely Katy Tipton if she'd like to model. She said yes which was a relief because she's one of my favorite models to work with in this entire city. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's also tons of fun and always has the best attitude no matter how tiring the day is.

I told you guys I was worried about messing up since I was shooting with a film camera for the first time in a while, and well, my worst nightmares were realized about half-way through. We did some photos inside and some photos outside, and I forgot to change the film speed for our first two outfits outside which happened to be my two favorite looks of the entire day. . . This is one of the sets that I messed up, and to be honest, I may like these a little better than the "right" ones. I'll be sure to share the rest soon, and you can tell me what you think. If you're interested in any of the clothing, let me know and I'll see if I can get Lauren to put a price on it for you. Big thanks to Jake for letting me steal his car for the day!

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