Pinnacle Mountain (again)

Vintage Dress: Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall
Ballet Flats: Goldenponies
Hat: New York and Company

Corey and I met up on Sunday to explore Pinnacle Mountain. While most people were dressed sensibly in gym shorts and tennis shoes, I was the girl in a full lace dress and a pair of ballet flats trying on hats and sunglasses in the parking lot. We had no real agenda other than to catch up and take a couple of photos while we were there. We sat on a rocky ledge overlooking a clear, blue pond with paddle boats scattered all throughout it, and we laughed at all the crazy mama's who were yelling at their kids from the pier.

I took a second outfit to shoot while we were there, but that will have to wait for another day. Hopefully I'll get it up later this week, but it's hard to make any guarantees with my active schedule. This week alone I've had three topics due for my semester research papers, ranging from an in-depth study of the Inca Empire, to a thorough analysis of Persephone (Queen of the Underworld) , to the effects of blogs on young girls self esteems. On top of that I'm trying to plan two of the biggest photo projects I've ever done with a group of friends, and although I'm excited, it's a lot of work. Lots of phone calls, model booking, costume arrangements. . . fun stuff, but more STUFF to add to the pile. To put the cherry on the cake, I'm walking in a fashion show this weekend and even though I'm supposed to be practicing, I haven't had any time (crossing my fingers that the designer doesn't read this)! She says I need to be on the runway for a full minute and that I have to strike three poses at the end of the stage, and knowing me and my nerves, I'd better start practicing if I don't want to fall apart on Saturday.

Oh! How could I forget this. . . we also got new family members! If you follow me on instagram (@starrcrow) then the cats out of the bag already (wink, wink), but if not, I'll be back with some verrrry sweet pictures soon.

Photos by Corey!

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