Styling School Uniforms

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A few weeks ago a blog reader contacted me with styling question regarding school uniforms. She's starting at a new school this year and wanted my advice on how to look cute despite being tied down to the same oxford blouses, polos, slacks, and kilts all year long. I thought it was a fun challenge and decided to turn it into a Sync article (pg 12-13). I went around town borrowing pieces from local shops and put together a fun back to school look, which my little sister ended up modeling.

But before I knew it would be a Sync article, I put together these collages for the blog. I found so many great ways to dress up a classic button up, be it with a lace collar, a brooch, an oversized bow, or even a pocket full of posies. I also styled a couple of looks with pieces from some of my favorite online shops.

I never had to wear uniforms when I was in school, but I think it would be fun. Everyday you start with the same simple canvas and get to build it into something exciting. I'm sure it does get old after a while, but take it from Sheena of The Uniform Project, it's definitely possible––just watch this if you need inspiration!

I always enjoy doing this sort of thing, so if you're ever feeling fashionably stumped, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do to help––starrcrow@live.com. Until then, happy styling to you!

Because I put this article together two weeks ago and didn't compile a list of links at the time, I need a little help with sourcing! If you know the owner of the unsourced photos, please let me know who they belong to so I can issue proper credit.

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