Orla Kiely S/S 2011

I've been going bananas posting collections from New Zealand fashion week on my inspiration blog, Cupcakes For The Eyes, but when I found two photos from the Orla Kiely Spring 2011 collection at London fashion week, I knew I had to post them here. I just don't understand how one designer can so consistently put out the most beautiful pieces every season. Also, if that's the new shoes trend, I'm totally in!

To add to my excitement, I also read that Orla Kiely will be collaborated with Sophia Coppola's neice, Gia Coppola, for a sixties-inspired short film starring actress Nathalie Love. The designer says the collection was inspired by a French film she remembered from when she was young, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and now I've gotta find that film!

I also had to borrow some of Carrie's photos from the pop up presentation last week. I still can't believe Carrie got her photo taken with the go-to Orla Kiely stylist and Lula Magazine creator Leith Clark!!
Orla Kiely Spring 2011 Presentation by WishWishWish
Orla Kiely Spring 2011 Presentation by WishWishWish
Source: WWD, WishWishWish


Marloes. said...

lovely dresses!


Michal said...

those pop ups are so cool!! what amazing dresses.



Maria Confer said...

God I love Orla Kiely.

Lulu Letty

Anonymous said...

These floaty dresses are sublime. Crap! If only I could find something like that in a thrift store! Maybe the thrift gods will smile upon me.

love the post.


jessica said...

I can't really remember if I've commented here before, but I just started reading your blog and I think it's great! You New York posts were wonderful and I think this collection is gorgeous!

- Jes

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Gaah! Gaaaah!

Amber Blue Bird said...

every piece is divine

Vanessa said...

I'm totally in for those shoes as well! Plus some over the knee socks to winterize!