42nd Street

42nd Street (Musical Film, 1933)
Things were too busy to watch 42nd Street before I left for New York, but I finally found some extra time to sit down and watch it over the weekend. I already knew I was going to love the costumes – Orry Kelly must have been bloody genius – but I had no idea how hard I was going to fall for all the sweet characters! It was so upbeat and exciting the whole way through, and boy was it fun watching Busby Berkley's routines!

So many beautiful and talented ladies in the cast! They were all so adorable. Of course, Ruby Keller was my favorite – gotta go for the underdog – but I also really enjoyed watching Bebe Daniels. The whole way through she kept reminding me of an old friend, but I could never put my finger on it. 

I couldn't wait to do an outfit inspired by the movie, so I ended up going to take the photos later that afternoon. I'll have them ready to show you on Wednesday! You can see more photos of the movie here.
42nd Street (Musical Film, 1933)
42nd Street (Musical Film, 1933)
42nd Street (Musical Film, 1933)
42nd Street (Musical Film, 1933)


Jenni said...

Aw, 42nd Street is so great--the outfits are incredible! I love your screen caps! Can't see most of them in the post, though.

MissDonwnpour said...

great blog! i follow you!

Sarah with an "h" said...

I've never seen this movie. I'll have to check it out!


Amber Blue Bird said...

Never seen the film but I have heard good things about it

Kelly-marie said...

This is one of my favourite films ever! Especially the part with the dancing lady sky scrapers! All of you above who havent watched it, you must! Busby Berkeley is a genius. :)

Rhiannon said...

Don't you love Ginger Rogers in that? I love it when she's not playing the heroine--they always give her such funny, bitchy, wise-cracking characters to play. If you haven't seen Golddiggers of 1933 you should check it out! I think it's my favorite B.B. film.

Q's Daydream said...

I love this movie!!!!

Lydia said...

Such a great movie! So fun, and so many drool worthy visuals.