Craft Fit For A Starr

Herro everyone! I'm Myriam from Myriad.of.Mischief, doing a guest post for Starr while she's having a damn-good time at NYFW. You might remember me from Playful Girls Playing Dress Up back in March. Being relatively new to the scene, I was pretty flabbergasted when Starr asked me to take over for a day. Let's hope I do her lovely blog justice!

  Aside from thrift and fashion, my other love is DIY/craft. My mind is always a buzz with a new project in mind. This particular feather fascinator headband was made especially for Starr. After a day of thrifting, she handed me some old Great War buttons, a cameo from a broken piece of jewelry, and some vintage lace. I believe she said something along the lines of "Victorian-inspired...well, you know what I like."

Haha! No pressure, right? I finally got to work on this bad boy during one of my crafting binges before I had left for Spain. I thought I'd give you guys a behind-the-scenes look!
Starr was having a love for coral at the time, so I partially dyed the vintage lace to give it an ombresque tint.

Then I proceeded to carefully fold it into a fan design for the headband's embellishment.

I used a bleached peacock featherpad, accented with my favorite spotted Guinea-feathers.

After gluing on the cameo and three small Great War buttons, the embellishment was finished and ready to be attached to its featherpad counterpart and a cute floral headband. 

And! The finished product: 
I present to you a special feather fascinator headband inspired by the lovely Starr.
Even though I finished this back in June, I have yet to hand it to Starr...it was supposed to be her birthday present! So, what do you think? Will she approve?

Starr, I hope I did your blog justice! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to guest post. Hope you're having a blast at NYFW and I can't wait for your safe return to the Natural State!
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