Back to School


photos by Tom b.

- 70s corduroy jumper
- 50s pintuck blouse
- vintage jean jacket
- 70s boots
- vintage John Romain satchel
- vintage wool beret

Hi y'all!  It's Jennifer here, from Sally Jane Vintage, filling in for Starr while she's on her adventure in NYC.

When Starr asked me to do a guest blog for her, she suggested I might do a back-to-school themed post since it is, after all, that time of year.  My first thought was that it has been, ahem, a number of years since I've done anything back-to-school related.  ;)  But I don't think we ever forget that unique mixture of excitement and dread that the first day of class brings.   For me, the first day of class conjures images of corduroy jumpers, new pencils and fresh notebooks.  All things I still hold dear to my heart! 


I've been holding on to this 70s camel corduroy jumper for quite some time, trying to find just the occasion on which to wear it.  Putting it on always makes me feel a bit too school-girlish so I knew this would be just the opportunity I needed to finally pull it out of the closet.  With my vintage satchel standing in for a backpack, I feel like I'm ready for the first bell.  Now, if only my satchel was filled with new pencils and fresh notebooks!

Thanks so much for letting me steal your blog for the day Starr!  I hope you're having a blast in the Big Apple!



Jennifer Dawn said...

This is a perfect back to school outfit!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

There are so many things to love here, I daren't even begin to name them. That said, I love the boots, that satchel (!!!!) and the all-over look you're rocking. Apple for the teacher, A+. Plus.

riennahera said...

Very subtle and pretty.

Archives said...

oh my gosh...not only do you look fantastic - i am in love with your bag and boots! i'm a sucker for cognac leather :)

Marloes. said...

you look great! amazing bag.


Amber Blue Bird said...

That satchel is divine

Lady Gabby said...

Great post! Nice job.

Gracie said...

This location is great and you look stunning!

Maria Confer said...

If I was going back to school this would be my to-die-for outfit!!

That last shot is gorgeous.

Lulu Letty

Rebecca said...

I wish I had been that stylish in my school days. Lovely outfit.

Renée said...

This outfit is beautiful!


i love the camel color here and the cute beret! come follow me xxo

Justice Pirate said...

the last shot rocks!!!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

What a wonderful bag! And I think there is something about the first day of school...you always put in that tiny little extra bit of effort.