Ollie Otson Giveaway Winner & Sponsor Jazz

It's the end of the month and time again for all that sponsor bees-naz. If your interested in advertising on my blog throughout the month of June just check out my sponsor sheet. The prices are reasonable, and the sponsorship includes an option for a giveaway! Spaces are limited so just email me if your interested: starrcrow@live.com

Now to get into the fun stuff. The winner of this weeks giveaway was selected at random through random.org and goes to my good pal Veronika at Tick Tock Vintage! Thanks again to Tracy for Ollie Otson for donating such a charming piece of jewelry to one of my readers. Stay tuned, I have another great giveaway coming later today!


Rosie said...

You are so pretty lady. I'd sponsor you anytime. Wink wink. Yeah that was supposed to be a pick up line. I'm weird.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, but I think that by letting companies buy you off to say that you like their products, etc it makes it less about your personal style and more of a commercial instead of it being sincere and about things you legitimately like

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh starr, I LOVE YOUR STYLE! this picture of you and that dress!!!! woo, it makes my heart pitter patter. someday, oh someday when i am confident and more webbishly savvy, i just might want to sponsor and promote my little vintage shop. and by the way i totally do not think it is "commercial" (anon comment above...hmmmm?) because you mentioned before that the sponsors must fit the look and overall feeling of your aestetic and i feel like all the sponsors here are like minded and beautiful and supportive of each other and their ideals and goals. not like you're promoting mcdonald's or some shit. anyway that's my two cents. i LOVE that you offer this to readers and fellow etsy sellers and crafters and creative souls. you're an inspirer and a dreamer and a stylistic wonder!