looking back on flickr archives: whats changed in a year?

The past few days have been really odd here in Arkansas; snow's been falling like crazy and school's been canceled every day. In the past two weeks I've missed more school due to snow than students have missed in the past three years combined. It's been a winter wonderland full of giant snowflakes and unusually freezing temperatures, and since we lack the equipment to clean it off the roads it's been a guaranteed party at my house. Lot of friends, lots of snowball fights, lots of Wii competitions.

I guess the only downfall is that I've lost complete interest in fashion and surrendered all my efforts to comfort, leaving me with very little options as to blog content. Hence, the old flickr archives. It's funny to see the difference in weather from last February to this one, but I assure you all the old photos are from then. This is a small scale shoot Cody did for one of his beginner photography classes. The assignment had to do with highlighting someone 'on the job' so Cody choose to focus on my work as a fashion designer (I only did a few pieces before giving up the hobby) and as a vintage shop owner (boy, do I look like a quitter).

His creativity and off beat thinking never ceases to amaze me.

Shirt: F21 $4
Jeans: Target $20
Vintage 40's Jacket: Goodwill $5
Feather Headband: UO $12
Vintage Sunglasses: Flea Market $15


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! <3

xoxo M.

tess said...

love the photos! Dc is currently surrendering to the mass snowfall. I am going stir crazy and likewise, not very interested in wearing anything but jeans and wanting to burn my stupid wellies haha

Rosie said...

I hear you on the snow, a big storm is just starting here in New England! But hey, missing school is fun! I miss having snow days! Beautiful pics, hun!

fashionist__ahead said...

love the pictures...
i like so much the glasses...

Anonymous said...

Amazing...I could totally see these in a magazine!

It is supposed to snow here in Boston today, but so far nothing. Schools were closed though- I miss snow days! :(

Hope you are having a fab week.



M. said...

love those sunglasses! and cute pictures :) as usual!


princesspolitico said...

you have such life behind your photos!


Leproust Vintage said...

These photos are gorgeous! I cannot believe this was last feb.....it is soooo cold and gloomy this feb!

Lara said...

Thsi february is crazy. But all februarys are crazy in Chicago. The snow doesn't really stop here until late March if we are lucky.

Also, you need to do a how to on how you do your hair like that! It looks so pretty! I have major issues with updos of any sort!

Bug said...

I've been feeling the same way and my blog content has suffered. I love these pics from your archive. They are lovely. I really like the umbrella pic.


Maria Confer said...

Adore this tweed jacket and the sunglasses.

All this snow is out of control.

Jen said...

oh wow, i swear, the weather just gets crazier and stranger every year. global warming, what are you doing to us?? i don't mind all the cancelled classes though, i have to admit.

these flickr shots are so awesome, btw, i'm especially loving the second one. :)

Ulrika said...

Lovely photos!xxx

Bientanks said...

I love your style ...

Valencia Lia said...

the photos are so beautiful and I love how antique the photos look too.

You look like you jumped out from the past.Adore your sunnies and the jacket you wore,I wanna steal that!

Pssst,yup doing makeup in a cab is super weird heee