Lula's Past

And the obsession continues. I think I may have to change my blog name to the "Leith Clark/Ellen Von Unwerth Fanpage" if I don't cut it out soon... but honestly, can you ever get enough of their collaborations?

What fairies they must be.

Lula Summer '08
Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth
Stylist: Leith Clark
Model: Siri Tollerod

I can't forget to mention my other current obsession and source to such heavenly editorials too, the enchanting Girl Whimsy.


Jilliebeanie said...

WHAT must I do to get a pair of those fabulous, polka-dot tights!? Ah! I LOVE them!

Diane said...

these photos are SO FABULOUS!

G&M said...

tres fab

twilas vintage clothing said...

so beautiful!!


My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, sweetie, adore the SPOT tights and her wicked expressions, what a treat thanks for sharing!! Sharon (UK) XXX

Mamushka Marie said...

oh how i love lula...past and present! and girl whimsy too! ;)

Laura Gerencser said...

Great pics!!

Bree said...

beautiful! i can't get enough!