Other than the good food, new dress, and much needed family time, here's a few reasons why I had a good Christmas.

Christmas gifts: Madmen

1. Madmen: Season 1
I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but here it goes. I've never watched an episode of Madmen! As much as it's hyped here in the blogging community and as much as I've always wanted to, I've never gotten around to watching the show (until last night!). I think I got interested around the time of the second or third season but felt like I had already missed so much and wanted to wait so I wouldn't be completely lost. You know, eventually buy the dvd and finish it in a day like it's one big movie. Well even though I didn't ask for it my boyfriend got me the first season. Didn't he do good!

Christmas gifts: vintage

Christmas gifts: house stuff

Christmas gifts: vintage

2. Vintage
And really cute vintage at that! Most of this is from my sister who really knows and understands my vintage taste. Her house is full of owls and deer and orange-y things from the 60's and 70's (it's far too precious to even try to convey through words), where mine is filled with wooden frames, Edwardian and mid-century antiques, and lots and lots of neutral colors; hence, the cameo decor (which is probably my favorite thing here). The hair dryer is great and goes really well with a vintage curling iron I bought on our trip to Alabama, but it's kind of impractical to use as decor in my living situation. Since I live with my boyfriend I try to keep a good balance of masculine and feminine decorations. There's no way my boyfriend would let this stay. Perhaps I can propose a girlie bathroom!

Christmas gifts: martinis!

3. Martini's
What do you get for someone who is nearly impossible to shop for?
Things for consumption! Ok, ok...I have to admit this isn't actually my present but something I bought for Jake. He used to be a beer guy, but this year he's gotten real into wine and martinis. Other than records he is the most unmaterialistic person I know (besides my dad who also got booze). I bought him the 2010 Numero Group record subscription (which he asked for) and had no idea what else to get him. You think the martini set was a good idea? At least I can get in on this gift too. :)

Christmas gifts: MONEY!

4. Money
Attention parents: YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH CASH! My mom was actually going to get me a gift card to Best Buy, but the rainstorms that hit right before Christmas left her stuck at home. All the roads were flooded (including some interstates) and my mom couldn't get out of her neighborhood. She was forced to write me a check instead (I'll take it)! Another $20 was a gift from my grandma in Alabama which she sent in a money clip along with a little keyring flashlight. Jake got the exact same money clip with cash from his grandma too, lol. The lovely studded wallet was another gift from my sister; I just love her taste.

Christmas gifts: videocamera

5. Video Camera
This is the gift that takes the cake! I can't believe Jake got me a video camera. Since earlier this year I've been real into making short and dreamy movies like this and this (showing Erin Featherston's collections). After watching these this past spring, I got interested in Ellen Von Unwerth and her style of work. Although I don't want to specialize in directing any kind of erotic project like some of her work shows, I do want to film things with special attention to feminine detail. Lots of magical lighting, dreamy dresses, and good tunes added in! I don't know if I'll be any good at it, but I've got lots of visions and wanna at least try my hand at it. Now all I need is a good computer and software.

Christmas gifts: Moms prom dresses

6. Mom's Vintage Prom Dresses
For a little "extra" gift, my mom passed down four of her vintage prom dresses. I've tried them on once or twice before and always dreamed of someday getting to wear them out, and now I finally have my chance. I'm just hoping I haven't gained a pound! If I remember correctly they fit just a tad snug when I tried them on a year or two ago. I plan on hemming the pink one up to a mini and maybe working with the other two to modernize a bit, but I think I'm most excited about the black and white one. It kinda makes me think of Audrey Hepburn, and the skirt is so dreamy!


betz said...

what a lovely dress!!!! moms have the best dress ever!


Amanda said...

Oh wow, those dresses are lovely...and your sister appears to be the best gift giver!

The Daily Fashionista said...

Sounds like a fabulous christmas. I love the hair dryer. How about putting it in a shadow box along with the curling iron for the bathroom. Bathrooms are normally a girls domain anyways, right?

Anonymous said...

These are the best gifts, each one is thoughtful (and generous!!) Your mom's prom dresses are especially amazing & also the videocamera!!!! I hope you'll make tons of amazing videos and post them.. my boyfriend got a videocamera for Christmas, and I'm already scheming all sorts of twisted ideas for short films.

xo Jenny

Jen said...

those vintage prom dresses are fabulous! your mom had good taste ;) and that vintage blow dryer is great. you scored this christmas :)

Marta Castellanos said...

I love the black and pink prom dress!!!It´s soo nice!Your mother has a great taste! The vintage stuff you show it´s amazing, I love the hat and the bag!
I forgot to say that I think that the new look of your blog is cute!!Love it!!


piglet said...

Oh my gosh, your Mom's dresses are beautiful! You have been very spoilt this year you lucky thing!

Melanie's Randomness said...

That blue plate with the girl with her hair up is darling. You are very lucky with this loot!! Good luck with the video camera!!! =)

Lara said...

Oh my goodness..

GASP (for several reasons)

You redesigned the blog??

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cute little purse!

Mad Men is fantastic! You must watch it. I got addicted only recently but, I watched all three seasons in the span of about a week. :D

Sher said...

Oh wow, I think you had the best Christmas gifts ever!! I'm so jealous!! So sweet of your mom to pass on her vintage prom dresses, they're delectable:)

And yea, you can never go wrong with giving money lol!


Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

You did well for Christmas. I absolutely love MadMen. AND, that purse and hat are gorgeous. A.

Talor said...

looks like you had an amazing christmas !
great blog : )

Missa said...

Oh, you are going to love Mad Men! Such lovely vintage gifts from your sister and the black and white prom dress is so Audrey Hepburn, perfect!

Have a happy happy new year as well!

princesspolitico said...

your presents are AMAZING. especially love the vintage ones. you will ABSOLUTELY love mad men... it is my favorite show ever. the fashion is just royal.