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If your a frequent member in the online fashion community then you've probably already seen this girl a time or two. She's a regular on outfit sites like lookbook.nu and almost a daily fixture in the hot section of their page. All of her looks are flawless and made even better by her unbelievable photography skills. I followed her lookbook links to her cute little tumblr page called Jag Lever where you can also find some of her non-lookbook style photography too. It was there I read that German Vogue has taken notice of her wor! Isn't it cool to see the opportunities people get from simple outfit sites like lookbook? She definitely deserves it.


Amanda said...

I see her all the time on lookbook and always wondered if she had a blog or something. She has amazing style [and hair!]

Dylana said...

This girl is amazing!


idée_géniale said...

oah, you've been a very busy lady over the holidays! I love this new layout. So clean and fresh!! (Must've taken alot of hours in front of the computer, no?)

Thanks for sharing these pics! I'm not on lookbook and rarely go to the site, I get a little sad that so many 16yr olds are so much cooler than myself, but i'll check out this girl's tumblr, she has a great style!

Diane said...

love her!

la fille dans la forêt said...

She is wonderful!

M. said...

I just found your blog and I love it so much! and this girl is beautiful


lancelonie said...

love the tone of your photos
Awesome! Wonderful shots! :)

Hope you're having the best holidays this year! :)

Teresa said...

Wow, yes, she creates fantastic shots and has a great sense of style!!


fashionist__ahead said...

perfect fotos..
they are amazing..
good work..

Eyeliah said...

yes her style is great, I really took notice with her floating pic.

Bug said...

I love her pics! What great style -flawless!


Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I've definitely seen her around and she does inspire a bit of envy! A.

Dina-Dyorre said...

These are stunning! I applied to joing Lookbook yesterday, because there is nobody to invite me I fear...

L. said...

love UR style! great picture when you hanging aboce the table, fun!

Mairyliscious said...

on the first pics i thought it was you !!!!