Perricone Coupon Giveaway!!!

So I know I just held a giveaway not too long ago, but since today is the very first day of the giving season I decided to go ahead and open it with yet another exciting gift. Rather than doing a fashion giveaway like I normally do, I choose to take this one in a more beauty related direction because we all know the hair and makeup are just as important as the clothes.

Up for grabs is a product called "No Foundation Foundation" from the dermatology geniuses over at Perricone MD. After reading several positive reviews on this product I knew I wanted to give one lucky reader a chance to try it out.


To Enter:
Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want this product.
Have you used other similar products in the past that just didn't work?

I will draw a winner next Wednesday, December 9th.
This contest is only open to U.S. readers only.

And if your like me thinking about Christmas presents, here's a little coupon to help you out.
Perricone Coupon

Best of luck to you all, and I'm looking forward to reading all your responses.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh Cool!!!! I've seen so much of this Perricone stuff I'm so anxious to try something of it. My skin as been awful lately from all my stress. It doesn't help that I'm Italian so eat alot of pizza that is oily. I need to work on that. lol. But I would love to see how good it feels on so I can maybe buy more in the future.

Count me in hun!

sarah louise walker said...

I'd love to enter! Wow, this sounds amazing. One of those millions of things I want to try but am too scared to spend the money on lest it doesn't work.

I feel like nothing works sometimes. My skin has always been horrible for years, part hereditary, part stress-related, part diet-related, even though I eat pretty well. It's really sensitive and oily and dry and I have mild rosacea, and I'm also acne prone. I also have really bad acne scars and under-eye circles I just cannot seem to cover up no matter what I do. Everything I try that works only works for a few weeks at the most. Luckily I'm about to be on insurance again so after a year without seeing a dermatologist I can have one look at my skin, but they can never help with finding makeup to best cover up my flaws.

Sarah Louise

Christine said...

An Education is definitely worth watching!

I'd like to enter =)

I've come to have quite a bit of acne scarring. I use concealer but it usually wears off by the end of the day. Foundation has always covered my scarring and has stayed on the whole day. I used to buy expensive foundation, but now it is not in my budget. Good foundation is always a confidence booster!

Divya said...

I've heard great things about Perricone and the No Foundation Foundation and never got the opportunity to use it since it's so expensive! I hated the Clinique Foundation I used for the longest time -- I stopped and only use bronzer now, but I definitely know I need it. Would love to win!

Ashlee said...

oh, this product sounds lovely.
my make-up woes are that my skin tone is absolutely impossible to match. i am currently using bar minerals and the lightest shade still looks a bit off on my skin.
i wonder if the one universal shade would actually be a match for me!

Cassie said...

Everything that is touted as barely there ends up being cakey or just not there at all. But I've heard that this product is like a holy grail!

Lisa said...

Ahh I've heard such great things about this brand, but have issues with spending lots of cash on beauty stuff (somehow clothes are more acceptable? who knows.).. My skin tone is pretty uneven, but I've had a hard time finding something that will make it look better without covering up my (many!!) freckles, which I don't want to hide! I bet this product would work like a dream.

.mck said...

I would love to try this product. I have really sensitive skin and I break out easily. If I walk into a store that's dustier than your average, my skin will start to get hives, including on my face. crazy, eh. and I have to be really careful about what kind of products I put on my skin. If I find something that works well, then I stick with it forever. And this seems like a product suited for sensitive skin.