Vintage Coats.

Winter today, fall tomorrow.
Winter tomorrow, fall today.
Welcome to the schizo world of weather! Luckily mother nature finally permitted me to wear a coat so I could enter the Weardrobe winter contest for a chance at 500 buckaroos. I really don't think I'll win, but who can blame a girl for trying!

I don't know what it is with me pairing big 'old heavy coats with tall, funny hats, but for some reason I think the two go hand in hand. I guess a warm body calls for a warm brain!

Oh yeah, finally got new bangs too.

Faux Sho



Vintage Coat: My Favorite Thrift Store $6
Tights: Thirifted $1.50
Vintage Oxfords: Goodwill $6
Vintage Purse: Magpie & Birdie $3
Vintage Faux Fur Hat: Estate Sale $5

Russian/Royal Guard



Vintage Coat: Estate Sale $10
Tights: Target $5
Heels: Rue 21 $30
Vintage Hat: Estate Sale $8

Stay tuned. I'm working on a beauty giveaway for tomorrow!


_nina_malvada_ said...

ohh,first comment...

you rocked both coats as always...

i love the tights on the first outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, I am SO jealous of both these coats!! You look amazing and those shoes in the second set of photos rock. Wow, I love them so much!!


betz said...

I love the russian/royal guard look. bright coats really stand out in winter. the tights in the first outfit is so pretty.

thanks for dropping by my blog!


Marta Castellanos said...

Oh!!I can´t say what coat I love more!!!Both are great and you wear it so perfect!!Good Luck for the weardrob contest!!xoxo,


BaronessVonVintage said...

LOVE that Russian Red!!!

Corinna said...

those coats are great! the red one reminds me of rhiannon from liebemarie vintage

_nina_malvada_ said...

really??? that's a new start...what you're going to study...i study library science

it's so hard these days with both uni and work...but..a girl needs those money...shoes..bags..dresses...what can we do?

Ilse said...

WOW!!!! that second coat! love! omg! you got it for 10 bucks?!?!?! now I'm eternally jealous of you. hahahah

Maggie said...

I really don't know which coat I'd prefer, 'cause they're both so beautiful...But if I had the choice, I'd take the fake fur hat of the first picture and the coat of the second one! By the way: I absolutely love your blog. I added you on my blogroll list. Hope you don't mind!

Diane said...

these photos are fabulous! i just love a good winter coat :)

Xisca said...

haha que graciosos los sombreros rusos, son geniales! Por cierto una maravilla de zapatos:)

Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, these looks are both so lovely. I want a pretty vintage coat! I don't even like fur, but now I want a coat just like the black one. I think you definitely have a shot in the contest, good luck!

My Passport to Style said...

Hi sweetie,adore the fur collar coat,you look gorgeous! If you get chance pop over to My Passport to Style and play my fun house styling game. Have a lovely week.Sharon xxoo

Maria Confer said...

Stunning!! I love both coats and hats!! Such gorgeous looks.


Eyeliah said...

I don't know, that red coat could win it!

Lara said...

The red coat is beautiful! My mother has a fur hat just like the first one. I am not sure where she got it but she never wears it anymore and I cant stand anything fur so it just sits in a closet at her house. It is gorgeous though. Maybe I will get over my fur hatred for the sake of fashion...but probably not. :(

Dylana said...

Both coats are wonderful! I cannot choose which one I love more! The red is just so eye catching!


Anonymous said...

amazing coats! love the russian one!

vintagevixxen said...

perfectly lovely and gorgeous coats! i just moved to nyc and have limited closet space so many of my treasured coats are sadly packed away in storage. your post makes me miss them more~

Django et Coco said...

These are wonderful!! You look simply gorgeous in them! And the best part is that your not freezing out there trying to snap pictures, like I did today... ;)



anja louise verdugo said...

Wow, the red coat is a stunner! Both are obviously great, but the red one really stands out. It's awesome that you had that perfect hat to wear with it too!

Sher said...

Oh my, you have the most gorgeous coats! The russian red one is absolutely beautiful on you and I love the fur hat in the first outfit!!

Can't believe the coats are all under $10!

Kass said...

You look amazing in both coats, I hope you win the contest!

Nora the Explorer said...

your coats are all so lovely! great blog btw :)

Valencia Lia said...

Starr!!! What can I say,you look so gorgeous as always:) And I love love your outfits,your photos are getting better and better. I should stop being lazy and take more outdoor shots now. heeee

Adore both coats so so much!! And your furry hats as well:) Girl,I need to raid your closet like right now! Maybe you could do a video tour of your closet. heeee

I love the red coat more,the detail is really so perfect! Need to go thrifting with you if I ever have the chance.
Yeaa,the magazine was Valerie's project she was working on in the past months.
you should be able to find it in those huge bookstores at your side.

Big thumbs up to my sister always! Yeahhhh ohh,I'll tell my boyfriend on the track. And also the wolf tee,do let me know the sizes and more details.
I'm going shopping next week for Christmas. So I got to pick up yours too<3 <3

maria said...

You look amazing!
There is an award for you! Visit my blog!

Shannon said...

Wow. You got that vintage fur collar coat at a steal. I'm floored.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg I love love your red coat. That's just gorgeous!!! I think the pic with you against the light post is my absolute favorite you've done. Nice bangs too!!!

Good luck with the giveaway hun!

stephanie renee said...

I love the first combo!

Mairyliscious said...

honey how you do it? you are always so chic!!!
love the tights on the first outfit!!!!

idée_géniale said...

absolutely gorgeous! I love those fur hats!

Bug said...

Oh goodness, lovely coats!! You are so adorable, and have such great style!


The Owl's Closet said...

loving ur new bangs!:D these coats look cozy and warm. love u paired it with the tall hats:D such a fun look! i agree, what's up with this weather?? haha it does seem "schizo" :P


princesspolitico said...

COMPLETELY envious of your sassy new hair cut and fabulous fur hats. i especially love the coat with the fur trim on the shoulders - why oh why don't we have modern clothing that reflects the feminity and sensuality of vintage clothes?


Sushi said...

Love the fur hat and the red jacket so much! x Sushi

Anonymous said...

That red coat is amazing! In fact, they both are. Good finds indeed, you must have some serious thrifting skills.

Lucie said...

Look Gorgeous! especially the red coats. what a nice bangs.

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