Keepsake Boxes.

My grandmother's keepsake box is the best thing in her house.
With so many photos and so many memories, being the history geek that I am, I can't help but be drawn to the box and it's contents. Like my great grandfather's hat he wore in his childhood photographs and the swinging doll card from my aunt when she was a girl.

There are so many interesting family pieces kept there. I couldn't wait to sit down with a notebook and pencil in hand to ask my grandmother all about them.

Grandma's Keepsake Box

Grandma's Keepsake Box

Grandma's Keepsake Box

Grandma's Keepsake Box

It inspired me to start my own.

All I needed was an in/out office box which I thrifted for a dollar, a small piece of cork board which I already had, and a little piece of velvet from Hobby Lobby. After gluing down the velvet piece with a hot glue gun, I was on my way to creating my very own inspiration board. My box isn't nearly as meaningful as hers, not even close, but it represents me and all the old things that I love.

This is now my favorite area in the house!

My Keepsake Box

1870's Grammar Book: Estate Sale $3
Cameo Brooch: Estate Sale $1
Vintage Key: Estate Sale .5 cents
Vintage Bow Tie: Estate Sale $1
Vintage Glasses: Saver's $2
Vintage Photograph: from my father's album.
Tin Type Photo: a gift from my grandma's box.
She didn't recognize the ladies in the photograph and told me I could have it since I love tin types so much!

My Keepsake Box

Vintage Penicl Sharpeners.

Vintage 'Book of the World's Progress': Used Bookstore $2 each
Vintage Pencil Sharpeners: Alabama Flea Market $1 each

Inspiration Table

Vintage Table: Alabama Thrift Store $15

Great Grandmother's Brooch & Hair Pins

Vintage Brooch: my great grandmother's.
Vintage Hair Pins: a gift from my grandmother's box.
After telling my grandmother how much I like to pin my hair in a bob at times, she laughed and gave me two of my great grandmother's hair pins. She really does thing I'm the silliest thing! She understands that my interest is genuine, she just doesn't understand why I'm so obsessed with the past.

From Father To Mother.

This is my father when he was stationed in Thailand with the Air Force. He is writing a letter to my mother. I love that there is a photo of her right above the letter and that the paper has a silhouette of a couple on it. Who knew he was so sensitive and romantic!

Make A Wish.

I made this collage with clippings from my old Anthropolgie catlogs. I love all the images from those catalogs and how they're printed on the softest paper. I hate when there's a glare from the typical shiny magazine paper.

20's Photo Album

1920's Photo Album: Hot Springs Flea Market $20

Vintage Phone

Vintage Phone: Alabama Thrift Store $15

My Keepsake Box

Inspiration Table

A tip to you all...
You'll leave with a whole world of inspiration.
I know I did.


Ashlee said...

your grandmother's keepsake box is wonderful...
and you have so many lovely vintage finds yourself.
the picture of your father is priceless!

Rhiannon said...

Your grandma's house must be a real treasure trove!! I love that you're carrying on the tradition of making keepsake boxes . . it's really lovely. As is that little table you found at a thrift store . . . gorgeous!!

.mackie said...

your items are amazing! all your vintage finds are truly treasures. Unfortunately, I can't visit my grandma, she's all the way in Laos. And even then, I can't fully understand her. Saaad. I know, horrible, yeah? I need to take lessons in my own language.

I'm from Seattle, WA. We got our first snow fall in the mountains a couple weeks ago but I don't think it stayed cold enough for it to stick. Crossing my fingers for an early snow season so I can board. Something about the swoosh of the snow under your board and the amazing views, so tranquil. You should try it sometime when you get a chance =)

Leproust Vintage said...

Oh my goodness! There are so many pretty little things and amazing finds that I don't even know where to begin! And you found that vintage table and phone for $15?! That is incredible!

This post has inspired me to create a keepsake box as well! Thank for the construction tips! Your grandmother's is gorgeous!!

And thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes! I really wasn't going to mention anything about the surgery, but then I was thinking how on earth am I going to be able to keep it going and take any outfit photos without looking ridiculous on one leg, without ever explaining myself!! haha! It should be quite an entertaining process! :)

Bree said...


Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh what a lovely post. I love hearing old stories from my grandparents. Your keepsake box is beautiful. I love the old glasses. These vintage pieces are amazing. I've been to alot of places in Pennslyvannia, ( I live in southern NY), and the shops there always have something extra special. =)

Miss Erinna said...

Oh my goodness, these things are all so amazing! What wonderful discoveries you have made! That table for $15? wowee. Great post, and I love your blog, by the way!
Miss Erinna

Missa said...

I just love the keepsake box you made, what a great idea to start your own. I'm sure it will be bursting with amazing gems in no time!

piglet said...

So lovely. My favourite is the vintage phone.
I have a memory bag that I made when I was about 13. I think I will keep it forever.

Valencia Lia said...

Ahhhh,I need to start my own keepsake box now:) Its so so beautiful how you started your own!

And all those vintage items,so so gorgeous! Love love the old glasses,the pencil sharpeners and everything<3 <3 I'm so speechless!

And the vintage table is only $15?!! Way way awesome. Please please do take me thrifting with you or just hang out!
Ohhhh I wanna meet you in person:)

Re:Yeaaa,I wouldn't wear out that vintage maxi dress I have all the time,its really too precious. And it cost me quite a price tag. heeee

Maybe there's is a story behind my name,have to go ask my mom again . I really do love you name so much,so beautiful. And its awesome if it was taken from Ringo Starr,maybe it was!

big hugsssss

vintagewithatwist said...

that brooch is beautiful! I love your blog

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I wish I could find vintage stuff in the city where I live, unfortunately, I just can find sand and rattlesnakes...
However, if I ever get something cute at a flea market, I fall in love with it instantaneously, and I take care of it like if it was my child :0...
lovely post... :)


sarah louise walker said...

What an inspirational and visually pleasing post! Maybe now I will finally make all the little shadow boxes I dream of. I also now long to scour southern flea markets!

I just found your blog recently, via flickr. It's nice to meet you!

Sarah Louise

Kass said...

That photo of your father is darling, really. Both your and your grandmother's keepsake boxes and awesome!

Kaytee said...

I love old things. I love looking through photos especially. If my Mum or Nan doesn't quite remember who that photo's of, or where exactly they got that, I like to think up my own stories :).

VintageFrantic said...

Wow, that was one inspiring post! a you did an amazing job! I think i'll make a keepsake box myself, it lookes like such a lovely thing to do.
I love visiting my grandma, she was one styling lady back in the day and I find myself taking back home with me some of her old clothes :D

princesspolitico said...

this is such a great idea! i'm certain your family members really like the idea that you're preserving family history!