The Blue Skirt #1

Do you all have one piece in your wardrobe that comes into play at least once or twice a week?

I definitely do and for me it's my high waist navy blue skirt. With money being tight and clothes the least bit of my buying concern, I love a good go to piece. To prove to myself that I can create multiple different looks without changing too much in my wardrobe, I'm going to start a recurring post called "The Blue Skirt" highlighting my outfit every time I wear it. I already posted a look with it last week (with that wolf tee), and I've got two more looks to add today. Hopefully by doing this it will challenge me to be a little more creative and inventive with my styling.
Hope you enjoy!

Madras & Bowler

Madras & Bowler

Shirt: Rummage Sale .50 cents
Vintage Skirt: Saver's $6
Tights: Target $5
Shoes: U.O. $55
Bowler: Target $15

Brunch at Yaya's

Shirt: Thrifted $6
Vintage Skirt: Saver's $6
Vintage Purse: Thrifted $5
Shoes: A friends :)
Belt: Goodwill $1


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love it!! You are so cute and creative. I love how you wore this skirt two days in a row and you would NEVER EVER know it! You look great in both outfits!

Love the Blue Skirt Posts already. :)


Mairyliscious said...

honey i want your closet!
this skirt is soooo cute!! love the shoes and the accesories you have in both outfits !!!!!

Valencia Lia said...

The blue skirt really fits with so many outfits and is surely a essential piece in your closet:)

You really do have alot of beautiful clothes!

I really love the 2nd outfit,with the ruffle top and so adorable bag !!

Marta Castellanos said...

Yes ,i do!I have some items in my wardrobe i used once and once but always try to be creative and change a bit!I love how much different can be the same skirt in different combos!xoxo


Ashlee said...

this is such a great idea!
i have a go to skirt of my own- a little grey jersey skirt with pockets from target.
i am wearing it right now actually.

Eva Internazionale said...

I definitely have pieces like this. They're usually black. :D

eithlinn said...

I have some, but they keep changing, depending on the time of the year...It was my red flamenco shoes and red thin belt for this Summer mostly...but then for Spring, whenever I was too lazy to think of an outfit, I wore my dark grey pinafore dress and a shirt in it to save the day!For most winter days I tend to wear a dark grey pencil skirt, it goes well with most tops, I also have two outfits that I wear when I don't feel like being creative or just ironing anything, They are guaranteed to look chic without an effort!One is based on a black skirt with an ethnic design and silver sequins, the other one is on a dark red skirt with an ethnic embroidery on it...

Your outfits are gorgeous,I especailly liked the one with the white ruffled shirt and t-straps!I have a weakness for both!

Blue skirt posts are a good idea, looking forward for the next!

Savvy Gal said...

both outfits look adorable. i can see why you like the skirt so much. : )

caitlin shearer said...

hello starr,

thanks so much for buying one of my t shirts!
its nice to know that it will be in the wardrobe of such a stylish girl.

i am quite fond of your white frilled top in the second picture. what a lucky thrifted find.


Clare said...

Oh, I LOVE that blue skirt!!

Leproust Vintage said...

What a wonderful idea! You look amazing in both outfits! I totally understand about a go-to piece that you remix....mine is a mustard colored cardigan. It is so beat up, but I continue to wear it with everything!!

Rhiannon said...

That last outfit is really about the best thing ever!

F i K a said...

both are great outfit!!
in the 1st outfit you look so casual and chic..
and in the 2nd outfit,,I really loooove your vintage purse!!

it's really a great idea, to create multiple different look with a certain stuff!! :D

stephendforrest@gmail.com said...

You look sweet and smart in both outfits. Far too chic for LR!

Victoria-H said...

Sooo cool ! totally in love with the outfits !!

Anonymous said...

O I really like both of these outfits, very cute!

Anonymous said...

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