Ebay Unload: I hate being broke...

As this week comes to a close so does my two weeks notice at my current job of two years. I'm full of emotion, kinda sad but also excited to start my new job and a little worried about money during the transition and training. In order to make sure that my bills get paid I've listed a TON of vintage clothing and shoes on ebay that I've been hoarding in my home for months. Prices are CHEAP and I've got sizes from XS-XL in the clothes department and from 6 all the way to 9 1/2 in the shoe department.

I've posted photos of almost everything and here's the link if you wanna shop.

Ebay 50's/60's Nurses Uniform w/ Apron

Ebay 70's Suede Coat Dress w/ Pleated Trim

Ebay 70's Suede Kimono Dress


Ebay 70's Eyelet Cotton Camisole

Ebay 40's Gown w/ Applique & Beading

Ebay Chambray Cotton Dress

Ebay 60's Cotton Dress w/ Pleated Skirt

About the shoes:
Sorry for the crappy photoshop work. We shot them on a white background and when I got them in photoshop I had trouble cleaning up the shadows around them, you'll see what I mean if you open them in ebay. I'm a little embarrassed but I hope this preface will excuse me a bit.

Ebay: Behind the Scenes

I told ya I hoarded a lot!

I'll leave you with some photos that I took down by the President Clinton Library yesterday after finishing up some paperwork at my new job. I finally found a boater hat! I know it's a little late for spring and summer but hopefully they'll still be stylish next year, regardless I love it.

Clinton Library

Clinton Library


elle s'ennuie said...

Oh I can sympathise, I'm jobless and broke (and back to university this autumn, so not much time for working anyway, even if there were jobs to go about), and only window-shop on etsy and ebay.
I think you can get away with the boater for a while still, at least through September and October! It could look swell with a nice dark blue pea coat :) I saw a little old lady wear a boater today, with trousers and a dark blue blazer, and she looked mighty chic!

Leproust Vintage said...

ahhhh you had to go and post all of this amazing vintage as I am trying to save money too!! haha :) I am watching those lace up brown boots....vintage boots that are actually large enough for me! They are amazing! You have a beautiful collection!

Eliza said...

oh, dear, if you'd only know how much i adore the items you posted up on ebay. but i'm broooooke as well. i hate it so much, i must get my hand on some money soon (how materialistic does that sound?). i especially adore the shoes.

thank you very much for the lovely comment on my blog. i'm so glad you think that, you can't even imagine.

much love <3

Aya Smith said...

Each and everyone of these pieces are just gorgeous! Wow!

And you look lovely in your pictures... I commented on flickr as well, but I have to say it again that this is a great outfit and I love that hat!

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

Wow so many wonderful shoes.....wish I didn't have such small feet!!!! Love your style :)

Laura xxx