Towards the end of February the weather was as perfect as it's ever been, and I had an itch to take some pictures. I couldn't seem to coordinate anything with my usual models so I put an open call on facebook asking for anyone who was interested. I received lots of responses, but that particular day I ended up working with my niece. I drove to the small town she lives in, met my sister for a tour of some beat up buildings before meeting up with my niece after school. We found the most beautiful old buildings stacked together next to a pasture and a small barn. Kayla was an A+ model and I was so impressed with her willingness to do all the crazy things I requested. I'd been looking at a lot of Sally Mann's work before taking this set, so she was definitely a major influence.

These are the photos I shot with my 35mm. I'll share the digital photos later this week.

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