The Dress

The Dress from David Parkinson on Vimeo.

Ever wonder how much work goes into making one dress by hand?

Before I started my blog I took about ten months of classes from a couture designer here in town. I learned how to make my own patterns and how to construct blouses, skirts, dresses, jeans, and coats. I made two dress, a skirt, some jeans, some shorts, and a playsuit before giving the hobby up. At the time, I was split with a decision: pursue an online vintage shop and blog or continue making clothes and try to get into local fashion shows. I suppose I could've done both, but I was working a lot and only had the time and energy to focus on one. In the end, I feel like I made the right choice.

I recently saw this video by David Parkinson which follows the making of a dress from concept to the finished piece, and it reminded me of how much work and patience goes into every garment and how exciting it can be when you see the end results.

Credits: dress design by Sybil Lebois, modeled by Sonya Lebois, filmed by David Parkinson

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