Dogs will eat anything.

Vintage Dooney & Bourke Purse & Blouse: Thrift
Skirt: American Apparel
Jamison Ankle Boot: c/o Dolce Vita
Musket Necklace: c/o With Care
Friendship Bracelet: c/o Jewel Mint

I skipped class this morning because our puggle Louie ate an entire jar of petroleum jelly, and I wanted to make sure he was okay. The label says to seek poison control if swallowed,  but after doing some googling–– "my dog swallowed [insert chemical]"––we decided that he just needed some food and water and a morning outdoors. So far everything seems okay.

With the extra time on my hands I thought I'd update the blog with some photos my sister took for me last week. I honestly don't remember where I wore this outfit now, probably just to class, but I do remember feeling comfortable! The boots are so easy to walk in and I don't feel silly wearing them on campus even though they have a little heel. They're great.

I'm glad I finally found a chance to photograph this musket necklace that Elizabeth Novack sent me from her etsy shop, With Care, too. I'm in love with the necklace and all of the military medals, scouting accolades, and Cracker Jack prizes she sells. I especially love the new arrow cocktail rings in her shop! I've gotta remember to buy one of those soon.

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